She goes to cargo bay 17

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Dax went to cargo bay 17 where the remains of the Bird of Prey were stored. She scanned the remains with her tricorder but couldn't detect anything unusual at first glance.

Suddenly, she heard the cargo bay doors open and close again. She climbed back out of the ship and just as she stuck her head out to see who was there, the lights went out.

"Computer: reactivate light," she commanded.

"Lights are not currently available," came the reply.

She shook her head and looked around. Slowly her eyes adjusted to the darkness. She saw no one and climbed down from the remains of the ship.

"Damn malfunction," she swore under her breath as she walked over towards a console in order to turn the lights back on.

What happens next?

Equipment Uniform, Tricorder
Location Cargo bay 17
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