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!?"!seippup fo niaR”"-Who was awake first?"
"-Why do you guys think we're here?""..." (MS)"..." (VS)
"...Starving!""... a closer look at Mommy's body"
"...can help your son." (TGT)"...come with me and fill my house with happiness, Susan."
"...have to get out of here!" (TGT)" fact, since we're going tomorrow anyway, why don't we fuck some more? I love the feeling of your pussy gripping my naked cock!""...making you lick my pussy while I jerk and suck your stiff prick."
" crooked penis that looks broken and sewn together!"" incredibly thick, yellowish, semen I ejaculate in ridiculous amounts!"" mole on my right buttock!"
"...take me to your happiness-filled house, Susan.""...teasing you by sliding that luscious rod in between my tits.""...we'll go to the D&D club meeting and start a new campaign."
"...we'll go to the lake and enjoy the afternoon sun.""..For you to go to jail!""..Yes i am!"
"A Porn site? That is too good of an opportunity to miss!!!" -Stay and look at the Ipad`s screen"A big fat dick!""A couple of hours in your hotel room is fine by me."
"A deal's a deal. Line up, guys!""A hotel party sounds fun!""A penny saved is a penny earned."
"A real party? I'd like a real birthday party.""Aargh!""Absolutely, stud, give a boy a hand."
"Absolutely.""Absolutely. Lead the way, bearstud.""Absolutely. Turnabout is fair play."
"Absolutely - you want to suck it out of me?""Accidentally" Pour the sauce on Mr.Walker"Accidentally" bump into them, making sure to tear and rip the teenage daughter's shorts
"Accidentally" spill the coffee on your pants and have to take them off (no panties)"Accidentally" spill the coffee on your pants and have to take them off (panties)"Accidently" turn on the adult network
"Actually, I'm done""Actually, I do like it kind of rough...""Actually, I left a friend sitting outside."
"Actually, I left some, uh, friends upstairs.""Actually, I really need to hook up. Can you recommend anyone?""Actually, I want to get one more drink before the bar closes."
"Actually, I was heading to the bar for one last drink, but wanted to say good night.""Actually, I would like to try him.""Actually, I wouldn't mind a drink of you."
"Actually, guys, I'd like to go now.""Actually, it takes two...""Actually, no. As you know it's my first day on campus, and I was hoping you could show me around."
"Actually, stud, I just want to go home with you.""Actually, when I think about it, I'm probably torn up for good. Want to provide me with some excitement before it's too late?""Ah yes, I see your point."
"All I know is the party needs to have hairy studs like you.""All parcels are to be delivered in the rear.""Alright"
"Alright, let's go... unpack.""Alright, what the fuck is going on here? You're not supposed to be going out with me, the fucking policeman disappeared, and your head was bleeding and now it's not.""Am I in danger? Should I be wearing a hardhat?"
"Am I ok, Morgan?" (VC)"Am I ok?" (MC)"Amateurs..."/Take cover behind it
"And some milk too?""Angry, very angry, Morgan" (VA)"Angry and Strong, wanna fight?" (MW)
"Annabelle, can I do you from behind?""Any other girls?""Anything, you say?"
"Appetizer? Does that mean there are more courses?""Are we just friends, Yulia?""Are you a robot?"
"Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only Ten I see.""Are you hungry""Are you kidding? Of course I want Butt Sex!"
"Are you my mommy?""Are you nuts? I can't pass this up!""Are you okay Elizabeth? I read a note saying you were in trouble and came to see if everything's okay."
"Are you planning on going to college?""Are you serious? That's awesome""Are you sure you could operate a gun under all that blubber?"
"Aren't you afraid that we get caught? We could get expelled""Aren't you forgetting your Sex Ed Homework?""As long as we're both alive."
"As naughty as I can be.""As persuasive as your argument is, I have business to attend to. A glass of gin barkeep.""Away from you"
"Babies Suck!""Bad Birthday Boy will do, I guess...""Banana who?"
"Banana who?" (again)"Basement, huh? Long as it's got carpet and drywall, I'm down.""Because I'm Running From The Cops And They Cuffed Me"
"Because I hate mankind. They're horrible to me." (Emo)"Because I said please.""Because I want Jason to drill me again."
"Because I was a good tongue slut for all those women.""Because if you bring your pussy to my face, I'll give you the best orgasm you've ever had.""Because it is impossible!"
"Because it won't fit!""Because you are wearing me out.""Become a superhero"
"Beer. Lots of it.""Best friend at your service!" (1)(R)"Birthday Boy will do, I guess..."
"Blingo Lottery""Blowjob!""Borrow" Walt's keys and open the door to the basement
"Break Off Ya' Kidneys""Break glass items on my body.""Bring it! I'm all locked up and ready for more!"
"Bring it! I'm ready for more!""Bring it..."/Left"Bring me the pizza."
"Brown can let me blow you both.""Brown could fuck me in the back of his truck.""Brown could get naked, and do whatever comes natural."
"Brown could let me suck his dick.""Browser's Pizza sound good?""But, you were just rubbing racks...?"
"But I'm not clean yet...""But I don't want to be on a porn site!""But you're such a hottie!"
"But you haven't told me half of it! Where do this Joe live, and how heavy are the canisters?""By doing what exactly?""By undressing you and licking your sweet pussy until you cum, Alicia."
"Call me Raptor Six.""Call up Lynda and Angela.""Can't we all just get along, fellas?"
"Can't we all just get along?""Can't we play right here, sir, with these guys?""Can't you ask me to do something easier?"
"Can I get a ride home?""Can I get some more to go, Steve?""Can I get some more to go?" and suggest leaving with him for the night.
"Can I meet some of your girlfriends?""Can I sit in daddy's lap?""Can I slide?"
"Can I stay here forever?""Can I work it off here at the ranch? I'll stay as long as it takes.""Can You Send Me Home?"
"Can we be friends?""Can we get your bear and go, now?""Can we play a game of chess?"
"Can we take this to your hotel, Mac?""Can you explain to us exactly what your imagery represents?""Can you give me a ride home?"
"Can you please untie me?""Can you treat my amnesia?""Care to come?"
"Care to join me?""Cheap slave laborers.""Check out mister rough around the edges there in the black sleeveless shirt."
"Come on. What do I have to do to get a damned smoke?""Company, yes. But how about right here, guys?""Complex linguistic studies fascinate me."
"Could I just get your cum on it?""Could someone please bring me up some fruit? I'm famished.""Could you help me get something out of a tight space?"
"Crap, gotta think..."/Take cover and wait"Cum in my pussy!""Cum over my ass"
"D...Do you want to go with me?""Daddy, that sounds just about right to me.""Daddy, why don't you go help the poor boy out before we go?"
"Damn, that sounds like the best birthday ever to me.""Damn right, I do!""Damn right I would -- you're awesome!"
"Dark cloaked large flying thing?""Definitely not!""Depends on how you want to come in."
"Depraved, rough, and quick? I like it like that.""Depravity is always good.""Did I say I didn't like it? Now tie me back, fetch that Clydesdale, and this time, make sure his whole cock fucks me!"
"Did You Just Say Bizz?""Did it feel something like this?""Did you ever wonder what he tasted like?"
"Did you give him a blowjob, Tokiko?""Die.""Do You Have Any Snickers?"
"Do those lines ever work on anyone?""Do you have any female employees?" You ask"Do you have any relatives you trust?"
"Do you know what a penis is?""Do you like my tits?""Do you mind if I borrow your soap?"
"Do you want a porno DVD?""Do you want to go somewhere more private?""Do you want to make out?"
"Does Daddy like his cock sucked?""Does daddy need me to swallow that for him?""Don't let me interrupt, guys - I like to watch."
"Don't need your guy. How about I take you home and you just take me?""Don't stop, bearstud, please!""Don't you watch porno? Fuck me 'til you're ready to pop - then pull out and jizz all over me."
"Downstairs"Downstairs. There were some interesting guys down here.""Draw on my balls with a sharp pencil."
"Du bist nackt, jetzt kommt Waffengleichheit", sagt Laura"Dude, I'm so turned on right now I'll do anything you want.""Dude, I just want you to fuck me."
"Dude, I just wanted you to fuck me.""Dude, whatever it takes not to go to jail.""Dude, you need to get laid by Mrs. Toon and tell us how to get out of here."
"Easier than I thought..."/Push off the wall"Eat me out, Travis.""Eek. Uh, never mind. Don't mention me at all."
"Eh, don't want to risk anything, come back another time?""Eine Cola wäre jetzt genau das Richtige.""Elizabeth! Weren't you in trouble? The letter you wrote said you were headed to the police station!"
"Elizabeth! What are you doing here?""Elizabeth and I are actually just friends.""Elizabeth and I are going out? What are you talking about, I think you're mistaken."
"Enjoying the view, that's for sure! Can I get a beer?""Enough to land my victim on death's door.""Er, just looking around! Don't mind me!"
"Even if I'm trapped here, I just won't have sex then!""Everybody hates me at school!""Excuse me, what's going on in the crowd?"
"Farewell!" and kill yourself"Fermented yak's milk.""Find the keys to these cuffs"
"Fine. You want my ass or my mouth?""First I'm gonna go get myself something to drink.""Follow me"
"For a bear to maul me tonight.""Forget" your homework at school page 11"Forget it, you can't help me!"
"Forget it. I'm out of here, you creep.""Forget this..."/Screw this story"Fox? Forget about that, why don't you and I have some fun *seductive smile*
"Friends, eh? I play well with others.""Fuck, that sounds like the best birthday ever to me.""Fuck guy, I want it sooner than that."
"Fuck me again, and I'll even hold her down for you.""Fuck me hard.""Fuck me right here, daddy, right now."
"Fuck my ass, Travis""Fuck my ass with a dildo for me""Fuck off, you stupid cunt."
"Fuck that, I'm already in too deep.""Fuck yeah! I'm all locked up and ready for more!""Fuck yeah! I'm in."
"Fuck yeah! I'm ready for more!""Fuck yeah! You busty babes are so hot!!""Fuck yeah, I live to suck cock!"
"Fuck yeah I need help with it.""Fuck yes, I like it here!""Fuck yes, I need more dick."
"Fuck yes, I want to chew more dick.""Fuck you""Fuck you, asshole!"
"Fuck you, big red pussy!" (Hey, you're dead, so you know every word in the book now!)"Fuck you.""Fuck you Chad! Eat a dick you rapist!"
"Fuck you and die Werner!""Fucking you from behind.""GET OUT OF MY ROOOOOM!!!!"
"Gah!" (boy baby)"Gallileo! Gallileo! Gallileo! Gallileo! Gallileo, figaro!""Geez, who stuck a stick up your ass? Go sit on a rolling pin and rotate. Your niece and I are just talking."
"Get a job""Get lost. I'm trying to sleep... stupid 7 year olds.""Get on the bed, fast!" she says
"Get on your knees and suck my cock right here.""Get outa' here ugly, you should kill yourself!""Get ready, I'm going to cum!"
"Get ready for today's lesson.""Get stuffed. I do what I want.""Give me a Frost Shake."
"Giving you a lift to my apartment. Get in!""Go ahead and share me with Sarah.""Go ahead and use me as your sex slave, if that's what you want."
"Go get the royal locksmith.""Go to hell you egg faced pervert!""Go to the sex shop and find a video and a new outfit for you."
"Gonna get Matrix on your ass..."/Quickly run on the wall"Goo!" (girl baby)"Good day ma'am. I was wondering if I could possibly find an apprenticeship at this store. May I please speak to Mr. Revere?"
"Good girl, Rochelle, now go make me some breakfast. ""Gradda go woop?""Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon"
"Great! When can we do it?""Great! When can we get married?""Great, i love jogging. Maybe we could jog together. Call me?"
"Guess.""Guess ill have to take a bath with you then," you reply."H-Hi...?" you reply, half-questioning if it was just your imagination. A man emerges from the forest beyond the path. "C-Can you see me?" the man asks.
"H-Hi...?" you reply, half-questioning if it was just your imagination. Nothing happens. You shake your head. 'I must be hearing things...,' you think, and keep walking."HOLY SH*T, I'M GONNA DIE""Ha-ha, guys. Mike, let's go."
"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!""Hack into the schools camera network to see were Gretchen is""Handjob!"
"Harry. And you are?""Has a slender girl with long black hair around the age of 20 come in today?""Has something ever happened to you?"
"Hate every mother fucker that's in your way!""Have you ever had sex?""Have you ever kissed a man before?"
"Have you read this one?""He's not yours, either!""He paid me, but..."
"Heck No""Hell ya!""Hell yeah, stud. I could swallow cum all night!"
"Hell yeah. I want all of you in my ass before dawn.""Hell yeah I need help with it.""Hell yes, I want more!"
"Hell yes, I want to have more fun!""Hell yes, stud, give a boy a hand.""Hello Scary Voice."
"Help me wash my back?""Her name's Heidi, right?""Her name's Megan, right?"
"Her pussy juice.""Here's $50 if you let me in.""Here's your soap back..."
"Here, take her!" and throw her in the dumpster"Here.""Hey, I'm a rockstar, you know."
"Hey, me too!""Hey, what's up? Can I buy you a drink?""Hey, what say we go back to your place? It's a slow day anyway. I'm sure the library can take care of itself until then."
"Hey....The names waitin' for the bus?""Hey I'm just horny, not a whore""Hey I'm sorry I frightened you. I'm not going to hurt you."
"Hey Larry.""Hey baby, in this bar we get it on!""Hey daddy, let's go meet your guy."
"Hey hottie. Want to come to my room with me?""Hey there. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you were.""Hi"
"Hi, I'm just looking around..." (TGT)"Hi, I don't think we've met, my name is Roy Bellings. Wanna go out with me?""High finance and corporate accounting."
"Hmm... I don't know. Let me fuck you again first.""Hmm. I hear fairies can grant wishes. I will free you, Servina, if you will grant me a wish.""Hmmm... I think I'll pick someone else..."
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