"But you haven't told me half of it! Where do this Joe live, and how heavy are the canisters?"

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"Uncle Joe's place? That would be an easy half hour ride from here. Of course, I need my truck so you'll have to walk. But don't take the road, that's the long way around. If you take the path through the forest, you could do it in an hour and a half. Perhaps two, if you can't walk so fast."

You think about it. "Okay, so I'll probably do no more than two trips a day."

The rancher just shrugs.

You get a tad impatient, partly on account of your torn aching pussy. "Well, how many canisters do you think I could bring 'round each time?"

"Why, you didn't think you could carry those around, did you? They're super heavy with all the cooling gear and measurement instruments an' all." He looks at you in genuine shock. "No, you would carry the spunk in your belly - few places are more suited to containing cum, after all! Just make sure not to fuck anything else or you'd contaminate the Jacob brand. It's pure sloshy gold, you know!"

"Horse cum really is that valuable?" you ask.

"Are you kidding? Horse breeders are dying to get hold of a sample of Jacob's!"

"But why are you only paying me a dollar then?"

"I thought you said you wanted to work? Perhaps I'm paying you too much already...?" He gives you a wolfish grin.

What do you say?

You are possessing:
12th Grade Girl (Katy)
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