Katy Haas

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You're an athletic twelfth-grade girl. You have an older sister, Donna, but she was abusing drugs before she ran away from home. You miss her.

You've only recently turned eighteen years old. Your body started developing a bit earlier than the other girls you know and you've been so self-conscious about your early start that you've hardly noticed how many of the others have caught up to you. For this reason, you have taken to shaving off the sparse red pubic hair that you were growing after being teased about it once in the gym locker room. You've also put off wearing bras, despite your mother dropping hints about it frequently. As an early bloomer, you find yourself attracted to older more mature college guys, not your fellow high schoolers. Unfortunately, most college guys want college girls, not high school kids, not even ones with tits and ass. You're quite athletic and a member of the swim and track teams.

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