"But, you were just rubbing racks...?"

From Create Your Own Story

"Yeah, but it's not like we were getting you off," Liz says. As she talks you can't help but stare at her bare naked chest. Your cock has not let up a single inch.

"Liz and I are virgins," Beth says, her own pair of massive melons catching your eye. "We've never willingly gotten a guy off."

"So if you feel like you are going to cum, will you let us know so we can get out of the way?" Liz asks. "We don't want to spoil our innocence."

"Yeah will you let us know?" Beth says. "We've never been anywhere near it 'cause it's so disgusting, and actually... You're the first guy we've ever seen naked."

She and Liz are now standing in front of you, and you can feel their eyeballs on you. Their eyes are darting fast, and you can tell they are getting excited as they study your body.

"We let you shower with us because we were curious, you know, about what guys look like naked. We've never even seen a... you know... a guy's... thing." Liz states.

"You can say no if this is too much for you..." Beth says.

Both girls are looking at you with what looks like wanting in their eyes. You can't tell if it's nervousness, fear, or suspense from waiting on your response. Better not keep them waiting...

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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