"Enough to land my victim on death's door."

From Create Your Own Story

"Really...?" She seems stunned... and aroused. "You want to snuff a girl?"

"I didn't say that-" you start, but then you realize that she's not protesting. If anything, she seems to be urging you on. You cough. "Well... officially. I know it's illegal..."

"Hon, almost nothing that happens here is strictly legal." She winks. "And I have the perfect girl for that sort of thing."


"Me." She smiles cutely. Sure, the girl's no model, but she's not bad. A simple bob cut with dark hair, a good set of tits, a broad, curvy pair of hips... actually, she might be fairly sexy, once you get her out of that dress. "Of course, if you'd prefer someone else..." She grabs a binder from behind the desk and flips it open to a page marked with a red post-it. There's a simple mugshot and cheesecake photo of a thin, young-looking blonde, probably not yet out of her teen years. "Candy. She's been looking for someone to do her that way for ages. She's not a depressive, or a suicide risk - she just wants someone to do her all the way. And she's on duty now."


"So... what'll it be?"

Do you:

Health Horny & Female Location:

The Ball And Chain

MP 0
Level 5
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