"Brown could get naked, and do whatever comes natural."

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The two men grin, and start unbuttoning their shirts. You definitely don't want to miss that show, so you tug your own shirt over your head quickly, and take your time with your belt and jeans, so you can watch them undress.

The gray haired man has a solid build, smooth muscles with only a trace of hair at the bottom of his stomach as it dips into his pants. His shoulders and arms are muscular, too, though it's more a kind of "farm muscle" than gym trained.

The Italian shucks his shirt over his head, and you see his wide stocky build is covered in dark hair all the way across his chest and stomach, and along his forearms. His arms are thick as well, and you feel your dick harden at the thought of being with these two masculine delivery men.

You slide your underwear down, releasing your cock, and the two men undo their brown pants, stepping out of them, and tugging down their boxers. The Italian is hairy all across his thighs, with thick hanging balls and a fat uncut cock. The gray haired man has less hair, some of it graying, and a long cut cock.

You step up to them, putting one hand on each of their chests and kissing first the gray haired man and then the Italian. The contrast between the hairy body and the smooth body is great, and you press against them, rubbing your crotch into theirs. They both grab at you, the Italian taking your head in his hands and kissing you with a possessive and intrusive tongue, the gray haired man gripping your ass cheeks and licking and nibbling your exposed neck.

The gray haired man breaks away for a moment, and the Italian continues to kiss you and rub his hardening cock against your stomach. You press back against him, enjoying the sensation of his rough hair against your chest and nipples, and your hands drop to stroke at his cock.

"Mmm," he says, breaking off the kiss.

You look and see that the gray haired man is spreading out some of the cloths along the floor, and when he rises again, his dick is hard in front of him. He also has some of the cords in his hand, and he grins, taking your hands away from the Italian's dick and putting them behind your back. When you don't resist, he loops the cord around your wrists, tying them together.

The gray haired man pushes on your shoulders, and you sink to your knees, hands tied behind your back. "Suck my dick," he says, and you take his long cock into your mouth, looking up at him while his shaft goes into your mouth. You suck him, and he rubs his chest, looking down at you. The Italian stands directly behind you, his cock pressing against your chin, and his hands tight on your shoulders. Your turn your head, letting the gray haired man's dick come free of your mouth, and suck the Italian for a while, looking up at his hairy wide body. You suck them in turn, taking their dicks as deep into your mouth as possible, and teasing their balls with your tongue in between. The two men make noises of enjoyment, each putting a hand on your head, and tugging your mouth back to their dick if you linger too long on the other cock. You bob your head faster on each dick, sucking harder and more vigorously.

The gray haired man pushes you, knocking you onto your side, and then kneels down beside your waist. He lifts your calf with one muscular arm, spreading your legs, and then leans forward on his other arm, pushing his face between your ass cheeks and licking and probing your hole with his tongue. You gasp, and let out a loud moan, and then the Italian kneels beside your face and pushes his dick back into your mouth. You suck him, aroused beyond belief.

The gray haired stud spits into your hole twice, and then shifts himself, kneeling on either side of your prone leg and raising your other leg over his shoulder. He lines up his dick at your hole and shoves himself into you with a long, slow entry that makes you groan madly around the Italian's cock. The angle the gray haired man's cock is entering you strikes you inside in places you've never felt a cock before, and it's incredible.

"I think he likes it," the Italian says, and the gray haired man laughs, and starts fucking your hole, pulling your leg against his muscular chest with every thrust.

You writhe on his dick, and suck the Italian like mad, and it's not long before the Italian pulls his dick from your mouth and his cum sprays across your face and chest. He grunts, and chuckles as the spunk spatters on your chin with its second spray.

The gray haired man comes next, blowing his wad deep in your ass, and letting out a deep growl as he grips your thigh so tightly you think you'll be bruised. He pushes in deep as his cock spasms, and then slowly pulls himself out, rolling you onto your back once his cock comes free.

The Italian leans over you and starts sucking on your nipple, and the gray haired man takes your rock hard cock in hand and jerks you furiously. In no time, your spunk blows across your stomach.

The two men rock back on their heels, looking down at you. You're covered in cum, you realize, and more is leaking from you ass. The gray haired man unties your hands, and then helps you sit up. They rub you down with your shirt, and grin at you.

"I can drop you off home," the gray haired man says. You thank him. You all slide back into your clothes, much slower than you got out of them.

The Italian goes to his truck, and drives off. You stand in the opening holding onto a leather strap while the gray haired man drives you home, and crawl into bed with a very satisfied smile on your face.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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