"Damn right I would -- you're awesome!"

From Create Your Own Story

Missy giggles. "I hear that a lot," she says. "But coming from you, it's special. I don't normally hear it from someone I beat into unconsciousness."

She caresses your legs gently. Your body begins to relax, and you feel almost like you're going to fall asleep.

"Tired, sweetie?" Missy purrs. "I can be a lot to handle. Don't fight it, close your eyes and rest."

She shifts her hands from your legs to your face, touching you with incredible gentleness. After the day you've had, you can't hold back the fatigue any longer. You feel yourself sliding away into dreamland.

When you awaken, still bound, Missy is gently running a feather over your chest. "Hi, lover," she purrs. "I told some of my friends about how good you are in bed, and they sounded intrigued... and jealous of me for getting you first. I'd like to jump your bones again, but maybe I should invite my friend Sarah over... it is polite to share, after all."

You say...

Health Horny Location:

Missy's Dungeon

MP 0
Level 4
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