"Go ahead and share me with Sarah."

From Create Your Own Story

"Not that you really had a choice," Missy laughs, tugging lightly at your bonds. "But it's nice to know you wanted the same thing I did."

Shortly thereafter, a curvy, very buxom redhead walks -- naked -- into the dungeon. "Sarah, this is my new plaything," Missy says. "He's all yours."

Missy seats herself on a chair to watch. Sarah leans over and flops her breasts against your face. You attempt to catch hold of a nipple with your mouth, but Sarah pulls back just far enough that you can't quite reach. "You like these?" she says, jiggling her mammaries in front of you. "Do you want to suck them?"

"Yes, Sarah," you moan. "Let me pleasure you."

"Beg me for them," Sarah commands.

"Please, Sarah," you say. "Don't tease me more. Let me suck your wonderful breasts and give you pleasure. I need them, please!"

Sarah leans forward again and lets you suckle on her nipples. Switching back and forth between them every minute or so, it isn't long before your tongue has her flushing with pleasure.

"Let's see how you use that tongue elsewhere," Sarah says. She climbs on the bed with you and lowers her slit onto your face. Some of her juices are already leaking out, and you eagerly lick them up before teasing her with your tongue. She moans loudly in delight.

Sarah leans forward and begins to stroke your dick. It isn't long before she has you fully erect and ready. "Is this for me?" she purrs.

She lifts herself off your face and impales herself onto your rod. She's not messing around, slamming up and down hard and fast. Her legs lock in place around you.

Sarah's whole body begins trembling. Her legs squeeze you so tightly it feels like she's going to cut you in half, and she shudders as she has a tremendous orgasm. Her body milks your rod dry of fluid as you fire off shot after shot deep within her.

Sarah slides her body off of yours and stands up on shaky legs. "Thanks, Missy," she says. "You brought home a good one."

You watch Sarah leave. Missy walks over to you. "I'm so glad when my friends like each other," she says with a giggle.

You reply...

Health Horny Location:

Missy's Dungeon

MP 0
Level 4
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