"Take my body again, Missy."

From Create Your Own Story

Missy gives you a sexy smile. "You must find me completely irresistible. It turns me on that you're so willing to give pleasure. Most men don't care if a woman has fun or not."

She climbs onto the bed and begins teasing your body with her fingernails. Missy's touch is incredibly light. "How can one woman be so strong and yet so gentle?" you ask.

Missy grins. "I'm not normally gentle. Your lack of resisting me brings out my soft side." She adjusts her body so that your tongue has access to her box. "Now how about getting me primed?"

You don't need a second invitation. Your tongue slides gently along her slit, licking up a few drops of her juices that have already leaked out. You hear her moaning softly. You locate her clit and flicker your tongue over it, snakelike. Missy's body shivers and she gasps.

Her hands reach for your rod and stroke it. Her touch has you fully erect and as she continues, your balls feel like they're filling up with cum.

"You're ready," Missy says, shifting her position and mounting you. She slides up and down, quickly establishing a rhythm. Missy is very primed, because she doesn't waste time, slamming up and down very fast. You try to thrust upwards with your hips to match her.

"That's it!" Missy says. "Oh, yes! I'm... cumming!" Her body shudders and she floods you with her juices, making you fire a massive load of sperm deep inside her.

Missy slides off you and presses against your body. "Wow, lover," she says, "that was terrific."

You reply...

Health Horny Location:

Missy's Dungeon

MP 0
Level 4
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