"Can you please untie me?"

From Create Your Own Story

Missy giggles. "I suppose you deserve that." She releases you from your confinement. You lay on the bed, spent, and try to gather yourself.

Missy gives you a soft smile. "I like you, boy. Did I wear you out?"

"Somewhat," you say, unwilling to admit the extent of your exhaustion.

"I hope you're not too tired," Missy purrs. She positions her slit over your tongue and you begin licking.

Missy's hands are busy with your cock, stroking it to its full length. When she slides her mouth down onto it, you feel like you're in heaven.

You continue to lap at Missy's box, not forgetting to circle her clit with your tongue a time or two. Missy squirms and then locks her legs around your head.

Her tongue is now licking you up and down, from the base of your shaft to the head and back. She swirls her tongue around the sensitive tip a couple of times while her nails run over your thighs and your balls.

You lick deeper into her, licking her nectar up from the inside. Missy's body trembles, then stiffens as she floods you with her honey.

Her mouth is too much for you, and you fill it with your sperm. She hungrily drinks down your entire load.

Missy rolls off of you, sated for the moment. Your eyelids feel like they're made of lead, and you're having trouble keeping them from closing.

"Whew!" Missy says. "You're quite a lover."

"Missy..." you groan out. You don't have the strength to move, but you manage to smile up at her.

"I really did wear you out this time," Missy says. "Would you like to go up to my room? Or should I drop you back at your house so you can recover?"

Health Horny Location:

Missy's Dungeon

MP 0
Level 4
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