"Fuck me hard."

From Create Your Own Story

"With pleasure!" Seneca says.

He climbs on the bed and positions himself between your legs. You reach for him and he thrusts into you, impaling you on his erect pecker. You squeal with delight.

He starts out slowly, sliding out until just the head of his cock is inside you and then driving back in to the hilt. His langourous, graceful movements have you squirming underneath him. You run your nails gently down his muscled back.

Gradually, he picks up the pace, thrusting faster and with greater intensity. Your hips thrust back at him, matching him as he powers into your body. You feel your pleasure building and know you can't last much longer.

"Oh, Seneca!" you moan. "You feel... so... good..."

He smiles and pulls your body even closer to him. You lock your legs around him as your passion peaks.

You can't hold out any longer and cover his cock with your juice. Your body spasms as the climax racks you with pleasure.

Seneca fires off shot after shot of his juices into you. You pull him to you as you both collapse on the bed.

"That was wonderful, doll," Seneca says. He kisses your lips gently. "Thank you."

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