"I need more -- do me again!"

From Create Your Own Story

"Sure, babe!" he says. He flips you over, and you wiggle your butt at him, grinning.

He takes you from behind, sliding in between your legs and rubbing his big mushroom head on your clit.

You moan and reach underneath, guiding him to your fuckhole. He thrusts forward hard and fills you. You both groan in pleasure.

He's dicking you very well, his thighs slapping on your ass and thighs. His balls swinging and hitting your pussy too.

You come hard, squeezing on his meat and screaming out, "Seneca!" He's just filled you once, so he keeps going. A minute later, you climax again, even harder. He's got superhuman control, because you end up coming another four times before he finally shouts, "Fuck!" over your back and erupts inside you. You almost pass out from the feeling of his hot sperm filling your pussy.

You are both puffing like the Big Bad Wolf.

Do you:

Health Horny and Hormonal Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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