"Don't let me interrupt, guys - I like to watch."

From Create Your Own Story

You settle into the seat across from the bear, who smiles, then tugs his right arm around the neck of the blond, pulling him back onto his lap. The blond is a bit hesitant, but when the bear starts to kiss him again and his other arm slides into the water and down the blond's back, pretty soon the lithe young man is pressed against the bear, his back to you, and the two are making out pretty heavily.

You stroke your cock under the water, enjoying the view. When both of the bear's hands move to the blond boy's back, then slide down, you smile, figuring the boy is about to ride some bear cock under the water. It's too bad the bubbling water obscures the view.

Suddenly, a voice sounds, startling all three of you. "The Midtown Spa is now closing," the voice declares. "Please gather return any keys and gather your personal belongings before you leave. Thank you for your patronage." You hadn't noticed a speaker before, but there's apparently one around here somewhere.

"Fuck," the bear growls, and the blond slides off his lap.

You rise, wrapping the the towel around your waist, watching the horny bear and blond do the same. The bear's stocky body is wet and covered in darkened hair, and the blond is shaved smooth. All of you are sporting tents under your towels.

The bear grabs the blond by the ass and crushes him against his hairy chest, putting his mouth to the boy's ear. You barely hear what he says, but you make out "my place" and "finish this off" and the blond nods. The two of them leave the hot tub room at a fast walk, and you chuckle.

You hit the locker room, and change, looking at the other men in the room - including the massively muscular Bull, who is just pulling on a wifebeater as you step into the room. He looks frustrated, and you feel for the big guy. Then you change, reconsidering - you had a good night, after all. Maybe you're just never going to be completely satisfied.

You chuckle, and turn in your key, then call a cab on your cell.

All in all, a good birthday.

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