"And they fucked every night after."

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"And they fucked OH! every night after."

You slowly stand up, not bothering to take your dick out of your own pussy. Breathing hard, you turn to Penny.

"Can we by any chance get another person up here to get a dick and a pussy?"

You reach your hand down to your hardening dick and stroke it.

"Would someone like to come up here to receive a dick and a pussy like this woman here has?" Penny asks.

Multiple people raise their hands eagerly and rush up to the stage. Not quite paying that much attention, you sit down onto the stage and start moving your dick inside your snatch again. You moan louder, not believing that you could give yourself this much pleasure without using your fingers. You moan and scream out, thrashing around as you bring your pussy into climax. Your pussy squeezes and tugs at your huge dick as the aftershocks of your orgasm hit, causing it to spurt out three more spurts of your own juice.

You open your your eyes while still moving your dick inside you to see the three people who came onto the stage staring at you, itching to feel the sensation that you are.

Penny smiles down at you. "Which one of these lovely volunteers would you like to be blessed with the gift of being able to fuck themselves any time they want?"

Three girls stands in front of you, smiling eagerly at you: A brunette with small curves and huge breasts, a blonde with huge curves and decent-sized breasts, and a redhead who doesn't look to be any more then 18.

Whom do you choose:

Health Horny & Hormonal... with a pussy and penis Location:

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