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From Create Your Own Story

Wonder Woman squeals in indignation and whips her hands away from your throat so she can clutch at her suddenly invaded ass. She’s helpless to do anything against your magic, though. She dances back and forth, her pussy drilled by one magic dildo and her ass invaded by another. They buzz inside her, just as your dildo buzzes inside your snatch. The sight of her desperation is almost as stimulating as the vibrations inside you.

“Give up, Karen!” Supergirl says. “Just cum!”

“This, this, it’s… Oh!” Wonder Woman says.

She wobbles and falls down, twitching uncontrollably. Supergirl scoots over to her and wraps herself around the trembling Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman attempts to squirm away, but when her next climax hits her, Supergirl locks lips with her and the pair moan into each other’s mouths

The sight of them shuddering together, the sounds of their moans, and the scent of their arousal filling the air pushes you over the edge and you climax as well, your every muscle spasming and fireworks going off inside your head.

“Oh, god, Dave, it won’t stop!” Wonder Woman cries. “My ass!”

“Just keep riding it, babe,” Supergirl says. “Just keep riding it. Oh, fuck! Aagh!”

“It’s too in, in, intense!” Wonder Woman moans. “They’re going to burn out my nervous system!”

Your orgasm is subsiding, but it appears that they’re already climaxing once again.

Do you:

Health Horny & Female & Magical Location:

The Costume Shop

MP 2
Level 5
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