"Come on. What do I have to do to get a damned smoke?"

From Create Your Own Story

Lucas laughs and pulls out a cigarette tauntingly or so he thinks.

"I'll tell you what. I'll give you this cigarette right here if you get down on your knees and suck my big fat dick," he says. He just gave you the ticket. You drop to your knees and grab the 18 year old by the waist. You start opening his pants.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Lucas shouts. He and Jeremy both have a mutual look of almost shock. You smile seductively at them.

"You're the one that said to suck your dick."

"You thought I was serious?"

"Well. Do you want the blowjob or not?"

Lucas has a clear look of confusion on his face. He looks almost tempted to say yes. He's around the age that he thinks about sex constantly, but wasn't expecting it from a strange mid-20's guy in a movie theater bathroom. He looks at Jeremy and back to you. He's getting closer to a yes but isn't sure how Jeremy will handle it.

"I'm not gay," he finally says. You should have known that was coming. He won't admit he wants the bj in front of his friend.

Health Horny Location:

Movie Theater Bathroom

MP 0
Level 1
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