"Annabelle, can I do you from behind?"

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Annabelle purrs lustily and gets on all fours, lifting her ass in the air. "Come and get it," she husks.

You slide over and open her legs wide. You ease your dick into her slowly, teasing her.

"Oh, that's good!" Annabelle gasps. You look over and see Lita lying on the bed with her legs open, fingering herself as she watches you boff her daughter.

You move slowly, with the grace of a cat, easing your way in and out. Annabelle groans. "More!" she says. "Harder! Do me hard and fast!"

"Easy, girl," you say. "Let's enjoy this." You continue your langourous stroking, in and out of her hot box.

Lita's fingers are moving quite fast, as she frigs herself furiously. She moans out passionately as she heats up her sopping slit.

"I should have tied you up!" Annabelle moans. "Come on and take me! Stop teasing!"

You decide enough is enough and increase your rhythm. Within a few minutes you are pounding Annabelle hard and fast. She slams her hips backwards and forwards. Her internal muscles work you hard, squeezing you, trying to milk out your spunk.

Lita's hand is a blur of motion as she works herself into a frenzy. She screams out with pleasure as her body shudders. "Oh, yes!" she howls. "Whoa, that was good."

Seeing her get herself off makes you even hotter. Annabelle's body trembles and she clamps violently onto your dick with her squeezing clam. She squirts a massive amount of honey onto you as she climaxes. You can't hold back and fire a gusher of man-juice inside of her.

The three of you end up collapsed in a heap, with limbs and torsos all mingled into a pile. "Wow," Annabelle sighs. "That was... out of this world."

Her voice sounds tired, and Lita looks like she's too spent to move. You feel like you've just gone the distance with a boxing champion. You look and see that Annabelle's eyes are starting to close...

Do you:

Health Horny Location:

Lita's House

MP 0
Level 5
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