"Do you mind if I borrow your soap?"

From Create Your Own Story

One of the girls turns her head. "Of course, you helped us out by finding it! Now let us help you!"

Your eyes light up with excitement as you can't believe what you just heard. Is this threesome really going to happen? Not to mention that the entire time you've been seeing them naked you still haven't even seen their tits; they've been covered by soap suds. But as the girl turns around, though, you are definitely ready for an eyeful... and a handful... and a mouthful...

Sadly, though, the girl is covering her nipples with the arm holding the bar of soap. Looks like this threesome isn't happening after all.

The girl takes a big step forward and she's right in front of you. Surprisingly, however, she doesn't hand you the soap with her free hand. Your eyes light up as she pulls her arm away from her big breasts and you finally see them in all their naked glory having just been rinsed free of suds.

"I'm Liz," the girl says as she holds out the bar of soap. "And that's Beth."

You know you should take the soap from her outstretched hand, but your body is frozen stiff as you are mesmerized by her giant knockers. The only part of you not frozen stiff is your cock, but it's getting stiffer by the second. All you want to do is latch on to those nipples and start nursing like a baby...

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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