"Eh, don't want to risk anything, come back another time?"

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"Good idea," she says, slightly disappointed. As you slide your shorts back on and she slips back into her thong, she speaks and you both stop dressing. Suddenly her face lights up. "I know what I can do for you though," she says, winking.

You like the sound of that. She sits you down on your couch and walks over into the other room. As she walks you admire her perfect naked ass. Suddenly you hear the song "Shake That" by Eminem blaring throughout the apartment. Lauren struts out of the room and towards you, her in only a thong, and you in nothing but athletic shorts. She turns around as she reaches you, and sits on your lap. You realize you're being treated to a glorious lap dance.

As she rubs her luscious ass back and forth over your throbbing cock, you ponder what could possibly be better than this. Then, you find out. She gets off of your lap, pulls your pants down, and puts your dick in between her perfect breasts. She starts pulling them up and down over it, and you feel like you can barely control yourself much longer.

Before long, she decides to start sucking you. She first grabs your dick and takes a few licks up and down the shaft, while massaging your balls in her other hand. Then she takes you all in her mouth, going up and down with surprising stamina. It is glorious, and before long you fire off into her mouth.

"That was fun, but I have to go," she says, packing up and leaving without so much as a goodbye kiss.

Oh well, do you want to:

Health Horny Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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