"Don't you watch porno? Fuck me 'til you're ready to pop - then pull out and jizz all over me."

From Create Your Own Story

Really, now, what do they teach them in these schools these days? But they're ready to take instruction. They're clumsy, but your helping hands are there. The boy up front slides in easily. You're far too wet to put up much resistance. Taking the other boy in the back hurts a bit, but your wet saliva helps him get past the gate, and once the head's in, the rest follows easily. You groan a little with natural pleasure, but these boys need some extra encouragement, so you play it over the top, moaning even louder than you feel it, and talking a blue streak of dirty at them. "Fuck me... Dick me... Dick my pussy, dick my ass... I'm a slut and I wanna get fucked..."

In a detached way, you know that you're degrading yourself completely in front of these two punks, and you're mildly surprised to see you're completely fine with it. "I'm your mistress, I'm your woman, I'm your bitch, I'm your slut, I'm your whore, I'm your woman and I want your cum!" And on that cum, your own body spasms in orgasm, while the boys keep pumping away like dumb, obedient dogs. This new body of yours is rugged and needs no breaking in.

The boy up front gets there first, and obedient to your instructions, he pulls out and spurts all over your crotch and helping hands. You touch the wet stickiness and your mouth forms an "o" as the other boy heaves away. He is having more trouble getting there, but you whisper, "Fuck my ass... Fuck my ass!" - and you feel him pull out, hear him stroke himself violently, and feel the wet warmth of his own hot load on your cheeks. He whispers, "Oh fuck, oh fuck," and you think, "Mission accomplished."

A ladybug lights on your thigh. Kids on the rides scream. Calliope music plays. Moth wings flutter. And there's a tiny giggle only you can hear. "Attaboys," you say with another sexy smile. "That's the way!" The boy up front grins a dopey grin and looks down with you at the mess of cum all over your pubes, your thighs, your...cock? Now how in hell did that happen?

He looks up at his buddy and says, "Joe - we've been fucking a dude!" They stagger to their feet and struggle to get their pants up, swearing like a pair of troopers (particularly unimaginative troopers, with two-word vocabularies - "shit" and "fuck"). In a detached way, you watch the drunk young fools swear and stagger away. What magic turned "safe sex" into "you get your dick back"? It's no use guessing. You've been taking the cards as they've been dealt to you, and you've got to admit, they've been dealing you some pretty hot times.

Using your hand and leaves from the ground, you smear cum over your skin and clean off the excess. Then you grit your teeth and make your walk back to the car. You definitely draw a few reactions. Some of the girls giggle behind their hands and whisper, at this too-obvious, hairy-legged transvestite with the too-too prominent stains. A couple of the guys give whistles and catcalls. And you think you hear some of the children asking very awkward "why" questions to their embarrassed parents. But the blush-inducing ordeal comes to an end as you reach your car and drive back to your apartment.

You get cleaned up and spend a day or two recovering. You're learning to take these wild-ass sexual adventures as they come. And maybe you're back to normal and maybe it's permanent, but you've got a memory or two no other man has. Time to get on with your life. What next?

Decide you like women's clothing and

Or decide you don't, and

Health Horny & Male Once More Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 5
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