"Brown could fuck me in the back of his truck."

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The Italian grins, and starts unbuttoning his shirts. You definitely don't want to miss that show, so you tug your own shirt over your head quickly, and take your time with your belt and jeans, so you can watch him undress.

The Italian shucks his shirt over his head, and you see his wide stocky build is covered in dark hair all the way across his chest and stomach, and along his forearms. His arms are thick as well, and you feel your dick harden at the thought of being with such a masculine delivery men.

You slide your underwear down, releasing your cock, and the hairy stud undoes his brown pants, stepping out of them, and tugging down his boxers. The Italian is hairy all across his thighs, with thick hanging balls and a fat uncut cock. Your mouth waters.

You step up to him, putting one hand on his thick hairy chest and kissing him, letting your other hand wander to his cock, which thickens at your touch. The Italian takes your head in his hands and kisses you with a possessive and intrusive tongue, breaking away after a moment, and taking your shoulders, pushing you down slowly. You run your hands and tongue all over his hairy body on the way down, then finally get to put his meat into your mouth.

"Mmm," he says, his voice a low rumble.

You suck on him, rubbing your hands up across his hairy body, and taking his cock as far into your mouth as you can, a little daunted by his thickness. His hands stay loose on your shoulders for a while, and then he pulls out of your mouth and moves past you, spreading out some of the collapsed cardboard boxes among the floor. You shift onto some of the slightly more comfortable cardboard, and he joins you on his knees, taking your shoulders again and kissing you with another possessive, tongue-heavy kiss, before pushing you down onto your back and pressing his weight on top of you, his bulk heavy against you. His hairy body scratches in a way you find intensely erotic - especially his stomach rubbing your cock - and you let out a little moan. He grins, and hooks first one, then both of the back of your knees into one calloused hand, rubbing his other and up and down between your ass cheeks.

You moan louder, and he laughs. He lies down, pressing his stubbled chin against your ass and licks and sucks at your hole, keeping your legs high in both hands. Your head rolls back against the cardboard, and the Italian chuckles between darts of his hot tongue. He spits into your hole with abandon, getting you slick and sticky, and then he moves back up onto his knees, pressing his thick cock between your thighs, and smiling down at you.

"Yes?" he says.

"Yes!" you practically beg. Your hand goes to your dick, and he grins, holding your legs wide, and pushing his hard cock into your ass. He twists your legs from side to side slowly as he pushes in, making the angle his cock is entering you strike you inside in places you've never felt a cock before, and it's incredible. The man's cock is so fucking thick that you strain to keep your legs further apart - you've never felt something so wide in your ass! You're soon gasping, and he bottoms out in your ass with a release of breath.

"You like that, huh?" he says. He's covered in sweat, darkening his already thick chest hair, and filling the room with his musk. You nod. He's so incredibly masculine, a hairy fucker with his dick buried up your ass.

He starts fucking you, twisting you to the left and right, and ramming into you with a fierce pace he maintains even as sweat starts to drip onto you. You jerk your self madly, and writhe on his dick, and after what seems like half an hour of solid cock slamming into your ass at all manner of angles, the Italian pulls his incredibly thick dick from your ass and his cum sprays across your stomach and chest. He grunts, grabbing his cock and releasing your legs, and leans forward, pumping his dick and cursing in satisfaction as the spunk spatters on your chin and face with its second spray of spunk.

In a blink, the sensation of all that cum spattering you makes you tip over the edge. Your spunk blows across your stomach.

The hairy stud rocks back on his heels, looking down at you. You're covered in cum, you realize, and more is leaking from your ass. He rubs you down with your shirt, and grins at you.

"I can drop you off home," the Italian says. You thank him. You both get back into your clothes, much slower than you got out of them.

The Italian starts his truck, and drives off. You stand in the opening holding onto a leather strap while he drives you home, and crawl into bed with a very satisfied smile on your face, not to mention a drop of cum or two.

Happy birthday, indeed.

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