"Absolutely. Lead the way, bearstud."

From Create Your Own Story

The two of you hit the locker room, and change. You glance around, looking at the other men in the room - including the massively muscular Bull, who is just pulling on a wifebeater as you step into the room. He looks frustrated, and you feel for the big guy, happy you've got the bear beside you. Then you change, tugging on your jeans and sliding your shirt on over your head. When you turn the stocky red bear is pulling his shirt over his head, a sleeveless black shirt with a caption on it that says: "Pig Top" in white letters.

"Nice shirt," you say. "Though I would have pegged you as a bear."

He winks at you. "Oink, oink, boy."

You chuckle, and turn in your key, at the front desk. The bear leads you into the parking lot, to his car, unlocking it with his remote.

He drives you back to his place, a townhouse on the end of a row, and leads you inside. You're barely through the door before the bear is grabbing at you, giving you a rough kiss and filling your mouth with his tongue, and tugging at your shirt. You nearly trip on the stairs as he yanks at your jeans, and you manage to get his shirt off just outside his bedroom. You rub your hands across his hairy chest and he yanks on your underwear. You kick off your shoes, finally naked, and he pushes you onto the bed backwards, where you land on you back.

He steps out of his boots and jeans, keeping his eyes on you, and then shucks his underwear. His cock is veiny, and fat, and sticks out under his hairy gut.

"Oink oink," you say, and he grins, climbing onto the bed and pushing himself on top of you. He shoves his bearded face into your arm pit, licking and sucking while his rough hands hold your arms over your head. You squirm under his assault, and he laughs. He transfers your wrists into one hand, and then slides the other down your body, squeezing your cock once, then rubbing his hands between your legs, gripping your ass while he licks at your arm pit. His hard cock presses against your thigh, and you moan.

He comes up for air, and lets go of your wrists, tugging open a drawer beside the bed and pulling out lube, a short leather strap with metal studs, and handcuffs. He grins at you, pulling the strap around his balls and dick and locking it in place.

"Nice cockring," you say, nervous.

"Keeps me hard for hours," the bear says, and kneels above you, putting his cock in your mouth. You suck him. He takes your hands above your head, and runs the handcuffs between his headboard, locking your wrists there. You moan around his dick, and he chuckles, pulling it out of your mouth.

"Gonna fuck you till we're both covered in sweat," he says, leaning close to your face. "And when you start begging me to let you cum, I'm going to gag you, and fuck you for at least another hour."

He slides down your body, and squirts the lube on his cock and more onto his fingers, which he rubs roughly into your hole. You squirm.

"Fuck," you gasp, as he lifts your legs, and shoves his dick into you.

"Exactly," he says, and makes good on his promise for the next three hours.

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