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Superman pulls his crotch away from your face. He lifts you up, then drops you down on his pole, neatly spearing your brown cherry. You’re slick with sweat after the orgasms that Wonder Woman’s wonder tongue has given you, so he penetrates you relatively easily, but you certainly still feel it as your rectum is filled by a dick of steel.

"Mmfrf?" Wonder Woman asks.

"I know you don't want dick anywhere except your pussy, Karen," Superman says. "Looks like our friend here likes getting butt-fucked."

Then he clamps his hands onto your waist and gets to work, lifting you up and slamming you down, faster and faster. He’s careful not to lift you up high enough for his dick to slip out of you, and you find yourself flexing your anal walls around his rod. Wonder Woman locks her arms around your waist in her need to keep her lips locked over your labia. Her tongue thrusts in and out of you, matching the thrusts of the dick moving in and out of your ass. You’re sandwiched between the two lovers, getting stimulation from both sides, and it feels wonderful. You can’t catch your breath, can’t cast any magic, and you’re helplessly trapped between them.

Your helplessness, combined with their rapt attention on your horny holes, soon has you quivering and cumming, shaking and shuddering under their vaginal, anal, and clitoral attentions. Your hot honey spills into Wonder Woman’s mouth. She screams into your snatch as she cums as well. Superman bellows like a bull and the feel of him unloading a massive amount of sperm into your rectum makes you climax all over again. Your head spins and you’re glad that you’ve got support in front of you and behind you, because you feel like you’re on the verge of passing out.

"Wow!" Superman says. "We gotta have more threesomes like this, Karen! This is awesome!"

Awesome... but exhausting. Not only are you too close to losing consciousness, you can feel that your magic has completely run down.

You say:

Health Horny & Female & Magical Location:

The Costume Shop

MP 0
Level 5
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