"Dude, whatever it takes not to go to jail."

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The cop's jaw clenches, and you hold your breath. Finally, the man lets out a long breath, and then turns off the main road. You wait, biting your lip, but realize that you're now heading away from downtown, and by increments you start to relax. Off one of the main highways, he pulls onto a sideroad and behind a large billboard - a place, you figure, where the cops normally set up a speed trap during the day.

His gaze meets yours again as he turns off the car, and then he gets out. When he comes around to your side and opens the door - you realize there's no handle for you to operate back there - you rise awkwardly out of the car. He looms over you - you realize he's a lot taller than you, and a lot stronger.

He pulls off your shirt, tugging it over your head, and you shiver at the feel of his rough hands against your skin. He tosses the shirt into the back of the car, and regards you with a cold sort of appraising look.

"Smooth." He grunts. "You look even younger without your clothes on."

Then he tugs on the waist of your pants, undoing the button and zipper. He pulls them - and your underwear - down, and you shiver again.

"Take your shoes off."

You do so, dick awkwardly bobbing while you pull them off. You step out of your pants and underwear, naked in front of the cop. He stares at you for a few long seconds, then takes your clothes and shoes, tossing them into the car behind you. Then he closes the door.

"This is just so we're clear about you not taking off," he says.

You nod. Your dick is hard again - first the bear, being so masculine and in-charge, had you reacting like a cheap whore, and now this cop, stripping you and looking at you like a piece of meat - you didn't know you could feel like this. Or that you'd enjoy it so much.

He unzips in front of you, his dark eyes never leaving yours as he undoes his belt and parts his fly. He's wearing plain gray cotton boxers, and he tugs his cock free from the fly. You can't help but lick your lips - he's got an uncut dick, and even in his thick pubic hair and without being hard you can see he's got a lot of inches below his belt.

"Well?" he says.

You slide down onto your knees, and get under his dick, slurping it into your mouth. You can hear the cop breathe as you start to slick and suck, rubbing your face against his thighs a little as you get his long cock into your mouth. You grip his legs as he starts to harden, and your first guess is soon proven correct - the man has a big fucking dick, and he's a grower. The harder he grows, the deeper you have to swallow his meat, and it's not long before you're struggling a bit with the cop's cock, and you wrap your fingers around a few inches of his meat while you suck his cockhead and lick around his foreskin. Not only is the cop's cock long, but it's staggeringly thick -- your fingers aren't able to fit around the girth.

His hands land on your head, and he starts to slowly thrust his cock into your face, ignoring your attempt to control his depth. You swallow his length with little gags and chokes, and soon your spit is running down your chin and slick on your fingers. His cock is musky, sweaty from a long day of work, and the taste makes you moan around his length. His hands tighten in your hair, and his rhythm picks up. He breathes louder, his strong hands holding your head tight as he fucks your face with more urgency. Your eyes water, and you look up at him, feeling his hard flesh filling your mouth and entering your throat. He looks down at you almost blankly, though his face is reddening, and he's obviously enjoying himself. You tug at the waist of his uniform pants while you work on his meat, and they side down enough that you get your free hand to his balls, which are heavy and hot in your hands. You rub and stroke them, and his breathing increases in pace.

It's the longest blow-job you've ever given, and you're soon gurgling and grunting with every thrust of the cop's dick. He continues - a metronome pounding his cock into your throat - and only his steadily increasing sound of his breathing gives you any idea that he's exerting himself.

"Stop," he says, and you reluctantly stop sucking him leaning back on your haunches and letting his hard meat come free from your mouth - your jaw is aching from the hard work.

He roughly lifts you up and turns you around, pressing you against the patrol car. A moment later, he takes your wrists and you feel cold metal as he snaps a pair of handcuffs closed around them. One finger rubs at your sore pucker, which is still a little slick from the bear's load.

You hear him spit once, then twice, and the finger rubs and circles your ass. The heat of his hard cockhead presses in a moment later, and you hear him breathe out as he slides his cock deep into your recently fucked hole. You moan as he enters you, unable to help yourself, hands twisting in the handcuffs.

"This is what you'd get in jail," he says. You moan again.

He holds the chain of the handcuffs in one hand, and the back of your head with the other while he rhythmically starts to fuck your ass with strong, short thrusts. After the bear's thick cock stretching your hole wider than before, the cop's dick is rubbing and delving deeper and filling you with a hot friction that you've ever felt before. It hurts in a good way - and you shove back onto him, knowing that every thrust will make it burn and itch more than ever, but needing the sensation to continue.

The cop's stamina is just as solid as when he was fucking your face - he rides your ass for a long while - your knees start to cramp, and your ass is on fire with his relentless thrusts. You twist on his dick, sweat breaking out all over your skin, the sound of his deep breathing behind you and his hand clamped hard on the back of your head. You start to whimper.

"Please," you gasp.

"I thought you said you'd do whatever it takes," the cop says, barely out of breath.

You whimper again. He pulls his dick out of you, and yanks on your wrists, making you rise. Your ass burns as he walks you to the front of the cruiser, and then turns you around to face him. He pushes the middle of your chest, and you slide back onto the hood of the car, wrists trapped beneath you. He takes a moment to unbutton his uniform shirt, revealing a wide hairy chest and gut, both of which are wet with sweat, and then takes your legs and raises them onto his shoulder, tugging your waist until you slide to the edge of the hood.

Then he pushes his dick back into you again, and fucks you some more. The new angle makes you groan and writhe, and your legs squeeze around his wide shoulders. He presses his hands against your chest, and it's hard to breathe as he rhythmically thrusts into you, again and again. His dick is like a hot spear, stabbing you deeper and deeper, and you tilt your head back, barely gasping as he continues to ram home.

It goes on for what feels like hours. The cop's hands slowly drift up, and he starts to twist and rub at your nipples until both are red and sore, and tears are streaming down your face. His cock is a hammer, and your ass burns with every thrust.

When he finally comes, he does so with a loud exhalation, and the sensation of his seed flooding your ass is a mix of fire and relief. You moan deeply, and the cop keeps his cock inside you while every spurt of his cum unloads. Then he pulls out, and casually undoes the back door of the cruiser while you awkwardly slide off the hood, semen leaking out of your sore and reddened pucker.

He wipes his dick on your shirt, then undoes your handcuffs. You climb into the back seat, and he moves around to the front, tucking his dick back into his pants, and buttoning his shirt. The smell of his sweat is palpable in the car once he gets in.

"I'll drop you at the bus stop," he says, and starts the car.

You slide into your clothes, head spinning, your nipples burning and cum leaking from your sore and abused ass.

Definitely a birthday you're not soon to forget.

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