"Accidentally" bump into them, making sure to tear and rip the teenage daughter's shorts

From Create Your Own Story

As you pass them by, you bump a few groceries out of the teenage daughter's shopping cart. "Oops," you say. "Let me help you with that."

She glares at you and kneels down to catch a few cans of baked beans. As she does, both her tits fall out either side of her tiny girl's top.

You don't help out. Instead, you grab hold of her shorts by her back pocket and pull, hard. The worn-out fabric quickly gives out with a tearing sound.

"Hey, be careful!" she says. But the entire left backside of her shorts has been ripped right off, except for the belt, exposing her ass cheek and making her pussy lip spill out from her cameltoe.

"Mom!" she says.

"No, honey. I told you, you're too old for those clothes," answers her mother sternly.

Do you:

Health Horny Location:

Outside The Mall

MP 0
Level 1
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