"Beer. Lots of it."

From Create Your Own Story

The man hands the barmaid a hundred-dollar bill.

"Bring the lady some beer," he says. "And keep the beer coming."

The barmaid scurries off. The moment you have your first beer in hand, the man begins pumping your pussy. You spill a little beer over your face, but you get most of it down before the guy drives you to your first orgasm. While you're screaming in ecstasy, he pumps you full of spunk.

The beer keeps coming and so does his dick. You twist and turn and writhe and buck beneath him, spilling and drinking beer, and he keeps fucking you relentlessly, making you climax over and over and pumping load after load of sperm into your wet depths.

Finally, at some point, you pass out from a combination of alcohol and sheer orgasmic bliss.

You wake up with a mild headache and a sore, but happy, twat. You're lying naked and alone on a table, liberally coated with jizz and beer. Your clothes are lying on the floor next to you.

Do you:

Health Hungover & Female & Horny Location:

A Cheap Bar

MP 0
Level 1
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