"...if you let me 69 with you, that would be quite sufficient."

From Create Your Own Story

She gives you a sexy smile. "Deal."

You pick her up and then turn her upside down, lifting her upwards until her pussy is resting against your mouth. Within seconds, you web her securely to you she she won't fall down, then you begin tonguing her.

She wraps her lips around your pole and slides her tongue along your shaft. You lick her with greater intensity.

She begins caressing your balls as she sucks your rod. You find her clit and gently brush it with a fingertip, making her cum.

She cums twice more before you fill her mouth with your sperm. She swallows it down, and you un-web her and place her on the ground, upright.

"You're really good at licking pussy," she smiles. "I wouldn't mind spending more time with you."

Health Horny with Spider-powers Location:

Dingy Alley

MP 0
Level 5
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