"Can I meet some of your girlfriends?"

From Create Your Own Story

"That could be arranged," Janice says. "They'll have to use your arms and your back, but they never say no to fresh meat."

"Tell me a little about them," you say. "And by that I mean, what do they look like? Because to a man, that's the most important thing to know."

Janice giggles. "Stephanie and Kara are tall, leggy blondes. They always work together. Taryn and Grace usually partner up, too -- they're fair-skinned, average build with dark hair. Lynda and Angela are black Amazons, big and muscular. Not fat, though."

Janice gets you flipped over, so your untouched back is facing upward, before re-securing you carefully. "I'll be going now," she says. "Who should I call?"

You reply:

Health Horny Location:

The Slicing Chamber

MP 0
Level 1
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