"But I'm not clean yet..."

From Create Your Own Story

The two busty girls turn around with looks of disdain on their faces to see you pointing down to your rigid cock.

"What do you mean it's not clean?" Liz asks, grabbing her big tits and jiggling them. "I bounced these puppies on it so hard and fast. I even spent half my time on it!"

"Wait, Liz. Look..." Beth says, pointing to your dick. "It does look a little dirty still."

You look down and figure that she's referring to discoloration from the rest of your body due to the lack of sun on your genitals.

"What?" Liz says, angrily. "But I bounced these bitches on it as long as I could! You know how heavy these things are? They're huge!"

"Maybe I should give it a shot?" Beth asks, looking at you.

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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