"Call up Lynda and Angela."

From Create Your Own Story

"Will do," Janice says. "They'll be here soon."

You close your eyes while you wait. You open them again when you hear footsteps... you must have dozed off.

"Hello," you hear. "I'm Lynda. Janice said you'd be waiting."

"I'm Angela," another voice chimes in. "Are you aware of our... likes?"

"I am," you reply. "I was hoping that if I made you happy, you would make me happy."

"If you don't turn into a whimpering pile of mush, we just might," the girls reply in unison.

You hear the sounds of two knives clicking open. The pain is very intense as they slice into your arms and your back, but you grit your teeth, lock your jaw and try to keep the tears from forming. A few find their way down your face, but you don't blubber.

Finally, Lynda and Angela stop cutting into your flesh. "You didn't make a sound," Angela says. "I really didn't think you'd hold up."

Lynda giggles. "If we'd cut any deeper, we'd have done permanent damage. Let's clean you up."

You feel a sponge run over your flesh, then bandages being applied. The girls release you from your chains, then turn you over. You get your first actual look at them.

"Wow, you two are gorgeous!" you gasp, stunned by their beauty. Neither one is wearing a stitch of clothing.

"Thank you," Lynda says. "So what did you have in mind to... make you happy?"

Health Horny Location:

The Slicing Chamber

MP 0
Level 1
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