"Dude, I just wanted you to fuck me."

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"Just a vanilla fuck then, eh?" he says. You shrug, but nod.

He grins, and tugs at your shirt, pulling it over your head, and then goes for your zipper. Without wasting time, you're soon naked, your dick stiff in front of you, and the guy in the wifebeater takes you by your shoulders and pushes you backwards onto the bed. He crawls over you, sliding you to the top of the bed, and cups your balls in his hand and gives you a gentle squeeze, making you writhe. Your hand goes to the crotch of his jeans, hard and hot, and you moan into his mouth.

He strips himself, his cut cock hard and swollen, and takes another swig from his plastic bottle, then puts the nozzle from the other bottle to your lips and squeezes it. You swallow twice, though some dribbles out of your mouth and down your chin, and he grins, leaning against you to lick it off. His cock is hot against your stomach. Then he sits back and looks at you, a glint in his eye.

"Nice," he says, and tugs one of your legs, spreading them a bit. You shiver at his touch, and he never breaks eye contact, his cock hard in front of him. He reaches into his backpack, and feels around, popping something into his mouth you don't quite see. He climbs back onto the bed and he kisses you with a rough, intrusive tongue.

He passes something into your mouth with his tongue, and you swallow on reflex.

"What was that?" you ask, when he breaks the kiss.

"Party favor," he whispers into your ear, and his hand takes your dick and squeezes, once. Your back arches, and your legs wrap around him.

He slides down you, and lifts your legs. Getting his face against your ass, he starts to lick at your hole, making you twitch and writhe as his hot tongue dips inside you. He makes little growling noises as he rims you, and is generous with his spit. Your hands twist in his hair. He eats your ass for what seems like forever, time heightened when the "party favor" you swallowed hits your system. You've never been so fucking horny in your life - your cock feels like solid rock, and every swipe of his tongue is making you crazy - you can't decide if you never want it to end, or if you wish he'd hurry up and shove his dick in you.

"Oh God!" you moan.

He chuckles, and you feel his hands hook under your knees, pulling your legs further apart and rolling you higher on your back. His cockhead brushes at your hole, and you let out a long ragged groan. He laughs.

"You want it, don't you, birthday boy? You want me to fuck your tight little ass, don't you?"

"Yes!" you practically yell, and he shoves his dick into you balls deep with a single rough thrust.

You gasp, taking the back of your knees in your hands and letting him lean fully over you to ram himself as deep inside you as he can. The pain of his spit-lubed entry is intense, but you push back against him, wanting him inside you. You feel like you're in heat, so desperate are you to feel him fuck you.

He obliges. He sets up a ragged pace, slamming his cock into your ass without mercy, until you are yelling with every thrust, and gasping out helplessly every time he pulls almost all the way out of you. Your hole is on fire, and the heat of his battering cock seems to race up and down your spine. You hear yourself begging him for it, begging him to fuck you harder, and he let's out a heavy grunt and you feel his load blast deep into your hole. You jerk your cock with one hand furiously, and feel yourself explode across your stomach. He collapses on top of you, spreading your legs to either side of his body, and his sweat slick chest rubbing into the cum you sprayed on your stomach. He chuckles and rolls off you, his dick sliding free of your ass with a wash of his spunk.

"Thanks, boy," he says, grinning.

"Thank you," you say, feeling thoroughly fucked.

He grins, and takes a swig from his canteen. He rises, and gives you a bland look. "You need the shower before you go?"

You realize you've been dismissed, and with only a little bit of shame, you get dressed and head out into the night, the man's cum leaking from your ass.

What a birthday!

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