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From Create Your Own Story

Superman pulls his crotch away from your face and shoves himself up against Wonder Woman's rear.

"Mmfrf?" Wonder Woman asks.

"I know you normally don't want dick anywhere except your pussy," Superman says. "But I can't help myself! I've got to fuck your ass!"

"MMfrf!" Wonder Woman exclaims as he drives his steel pole up her ass.

She keeps making incoherent cries as her tongue pumps your pussy and she's relentlessly fucked in front and in the rear. She's thoroughly trapped and getting thoroughly fucked, with no possible escape. Her helplessness, combined with her tonguework on your twat and her suction on your clit make you cum even more violently than before. You entwine your fingers in her hair and mash your spasming snatch against her captive face, gushing your honey into her mouth. She screams as she cums, her hands reaching out blindly to grab at your heaving breasts. Superman bellows like a bull and you know he's unloading a massive amount of sperm into her rectum.

"Wow!" Superman says. "You gotta let me do your ass more often, Karen. And more threesomes like this! This is awesome!"

Awesome... but exhausting. You can feel that your magic has completely run down.

You say:

Health Horny & Female & Magical Location:

The Costume Shop

MP 0
Level 5
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