"Can you give me a ride home?"

From Create Your Own Story

The trucker in the red jersey smirks, but offers you his hand. He tugs you to your feet, and shakes his head. "Get your clothes, you dumb fuck."

You scramble to gather your clothes, and get dressed, the muddy boot print against your stomach and balls itchy against the denim. The trucker walks you back to his rig, and as you walk, two more men - really rough looking fellas with bushy beards and thick chests - walk past the two of you.

"You better smarten up, boy," the trucker in the red jersey says. "Guys like them don't take 'no' for an answer."

He helps you climb up into his rig, and you pull out of the parking lot. Once you're on the main highway, he says, "Least you could do is pay me for the ride with a blow-job, you dumb fuck."

You lean over him, pull his cock out, and suck him all the way to your neighborhood, feeling ashamed and whorish. When you arrive at your home, he parks the truck on the street and starts roughly shoving your head into his hairy crotch. You moan, so turned on by the nasty treatment. Without thinking, you pull off your pants and shoes. Wearing nothing but your t-shirt, you eagerly straddle the trucker as he sits back in the driver's seat. The two of you moan as your cum-filled boycunt is roughly impaled on his 8+ inch prick. Desperate to be dicked even more on your birthday, you start bouncing up and down on the stranger's thick rod. Within minutes, he cums deep in your asshole, and you shoot all over his hairy beer belly.

You pull your pants back on and climb out of the rig.

"Like I said, boy," the trucker yells through his window. "Next time you might not be so lucky."

You head inside, and jerk yourself off furiously, thinking about everything that happened - and might have happened.

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