"Actually, it takes two..."

From Create Your Own Story

You explain to the two girls that they might have to join racks in order to clean your cock. The looks on their faces are a mixture of shock and disgust. You start to regret the making of your decision and wish you hadn't been so greedy.

"What??" Liz says, placing her hands on her hips. The gesture causes her body to naturally arch as her hard nipples point right at you. "Just because we rubbed our big tits together earlier doesn't mean that we'll...ugh..."

Your mind is racing and your heart is pounding. You can't decide if you should be turned on or worried. Your cock is still hard as diamond, though.

"Wait, Liz...look." Beth says as she points your cock out to her sister. "He's still hard..."

"Ugh, yeah, so?" Liz immediately answers.

"Well, how many guys have lost it just from seeing us in bikinis, or whatever?" Beth asks.

"I don't know..." Liz responds. "Tons and tons, I guess."

"Right!" Beth says. "But look! He hasn't shot or anything! It's like he's not even turned on..."

You place your hands at your sides as Liz approaches you; her and her sister's big tits filling your vision as they look at you studiously.

"Is that true?" Liz asks as she and Beth grab their tits and jiggle them for you. "Are you not turned on by us?"

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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