"Of course I am!!"

From Create Your Own Story

"I'll be the judge of that." Beth grins and brings her lips to your throbbing pole. Shocked, you moan as Beth's velvety mouth caresses your pole, already almost ready to burst.

"Beth!" Liz shouts, incredulous. "What about all we said before? We're virgins! We can't do this!"

"Mmmm!" Beth moans, popping your huge member out of her mouth. "But Liz," she says, caressing your balls all the while. "His cock tastes so good! You have to try it!"

With that Beth begins sucking on your balls, leaving your shaft open for Liz to have a taste. She nervously eyes it, watching her twin go to town on your balls. Suddenly, she clamps down on your dick, sucking your cock for all she's worth. Her lips ride up and down your shaft, leaving a trail of warmth and spit as she bobs atop your shaft. You feel your balls clench as Beth plays with them with her tongue and you attempt not to blow your load all over the busty twins. Beth pops your balls out of her mouth and grins at you wildly.

"So what do you say?" she smiles, her sister's throat full of cock. "Are we the hottest pair of twins you've ever seen, or what?"

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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