"Because if you bring your pussy to my face, I'll give you the best orgasm you've ever had."

From Create Your Own Story

"H'mmmm," the bouncer says. "Trying to bribe me, male? Prove it then."

You feel a pussy lower down onto your tongue. You lick up the leaking juices and hear a soft moan. "Good start," the bouncer says.

You flicker your tongue over her clit and the bouncer's moans increase in volume. Then you slip into her box to taste her nectar from the source. The bouncer's body shivers as you drink her honey.

Encouraged, you slide your tongue deeper and start twirling it in circles. You can feel the waves of pleasure surging through the bouncer's body. You redouble your efforts and in moments the bouncer floods you with her hot, sticky love juice, most of which goes onto your slave mask.

You feel the bouncer's pussy lift away from you. "Well done," she says. "You may go." She lifts the board off you, removes the hold-down ties and carries you somewhere. Your cuffs are removed from your hands and feet and the slave mask stripped off your face. You blink at the sudden light.

After taking a moment to regain your bearings, you see that you're facing the entrance door you came in through. The bouncer gives you what almost appears to be a smile. "You may leave now," she says. "Or if you wish to serve as a tongue slut again for another 3 hours tonight, you will make $2,000. You will be trussed up and masked again, naturally."

You pause to think for an instant.

Health Horny Location:

Clit Club

MP 0
Level 1
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