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Below is a list of every D-Generation XX Pay-Per-View that has taken place between the company's inception in August 2006 to the forthcoming event [Road To Redemption 2009|Road To Redemtpion]]. It details the name of the event, the date it took place, where it took place, the main event(s) of the evening and any additional notes that need mentioning.


Event: Date: City: Main Event(s): Notes:
Unforgiven 2006 September 26th 2006 Unknown CM Punk vs T-Mac vs Mr Kennedy First ever DXX PPV
No Mercy 2006 October 24th 2006 Unknown CM Punk vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge None
Cyber Sunday 2006 November 12th 2006 Unknown CM Punk vs Edge First (and only) fan interactive PPV
Survivor Series 2006 November 26th 2006 Unknown The New Corporation vs X-Factor None
Armageddon 2006 December 31st 2006 Unknown Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle First PPV to feature the new Smackdown roster


Event: Date: City: Main Event(s): Notes:
New Years Revolution 2007 January 16th 2007 Unknown Randy Orton vs Edge vs Assassin vs CM Punk vs Mr McMahon vs Blood None
Royal Rumble 2007 January 29th 2007 Unknown The Royal Rumble Match Triple H won the Royal Rumble Match
No Way Out 2007 February 2007 Unknown Unknown Show records are missing
WrestleMania I April 1st 2007 Unknown Randy Orton vs Edge vs CM Punk vs Christian Cage None
Backlash 2007 May 20th 2007 Winnipeg, Manitoba Homicide vs Triple H vs The Crucifier First PPV for feature OVW Superstars
Judgement Day 2007 June 24th 2007 Denver, Colorado Rocco Ross vs Triple H vs The Holy Man Another roster split was announced at the end of the show
The Great American Bash 2007 July 29th 2006 Detroit, Michigan Angel of Death vs Josh Impact vs Edge None
SummerSlam 2007 August 21st 2007 Unknown Rocco Ross vs Angel of Death Main event was a cross-brand ladder match
Unforgiven 2007 September 30th 2007 Unknown Rocco Ross vs Josh Impact First PPV featuring the current Massacre & Mayhem show format
Survivor Series 2007 November 11th 2006 Toronto, Ontario Nabeel Nawaz vs Josh Impact vs Chris Jericho The decision was made to skip October's No Mercy PPV due to falling behind PPV schedule
Final Destination 2007 December 31stth 2007 Unknown Rocco Ross vs Chris Jericho (Massacre)
Nabeel Nawaz vs DJ Hipp (Mayhem)
First PPV to use DXX-brand names


Event: Date: City: Main Event(s): Notes:
The Rebirth 2008 January 28th 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada Chris Jericho vs James Manson (Massacre)
Randy Orton vs Mr McMahon vs Josh Impact (Mayhem)
Dead On Arrival 2008 February 24th 2008 Los Angeles, California Rocco Ross vs Jordinator vs Rob Van Dam vs James Manson vs Nabeel Nawaz vs Triple H (Massacre)
Randy Orton vs DJ Hipp (Mayhem)
WrestleMania II March 30th 2008 Orlando, Florida Triple H vs James Manson (Massacre)
DJ Hipp vs Kenny Dykstra vs The Rock vs Floyd Mayweather (Mayhem)
The Mayhem match was for the newly created DXX Universe Championship
Road To Redemption 2008 April 27th 2008 Kansas City, Missouri Triple H, Randy Orton, Kevin Kompiler & Kurt Angle vs Wes Zephaniah, John Morrison, James Manson & Alex Idol (Massacre)

DJ Hipp vs Mr McMahon (Mayhem)

The Massacre champion didn't defend his title
Eye For An Eye 2008 May 25th 2008 Toronto, Ontario Jimmy James vs Triple H (Massacre)
DJ Hipp vs Doctor Cube (Mayhem)
One Night Stand 2008 June 29th 2008 London, England Jimmy James vs. King Manson vs. Chase Andrews (Massacre)
DJ Hipp vs. Slain vs. Doctor Cube vs. Randy Orton (Mayhem)
Every match was under extreme circumstances
SummerSlam 2008 July 27th 2008 Washington, D.C. The Irish Connection vs. The Black Hearts (Massacre vs. Mayhem Grudge Match) First PPV to feature Mayhem vs. Massacre matches
Declaration of Retribution 2008 August 3rd 2008 New Orleans, Louisiana DJ Hipp vs. Josh Impact First Mayhem-exclusive PPV
DXX Anniversary August 24th 2008 Madison Square Garden, New York Kevin Kompiler vs. White Cloud (Massacre)

Immortal Sinners (DJ Hipp & Kenny Dykstra) vs Edge & Christian w/ Jose Mourinho (Mayhem)

Celebrates 2 Years of DXX
Nuclear Warfare 2008 September 28th 2008 Cincinnati, Ohio Chad Jennings & Triple H vs. Randy Orton & Trish Stratus (Massacre)

Josh Impact vs. Kenny Dykstra w/ Ethan Meadows (Mayhem)

Johnny Relentless vs. MVP ( DXX ®ated)

First PPV to feature DXX ®ated since its revival.
Genocide 2008 October 26th 2008 Montreal, Quebec

The Undertaker vs. Mr. McMahon vs. John Cena (Mayhem)

Johnny Relentless vs. Tristagi ( DXX ®ated)

First non exclusive PPV not to feature Massacre
Facing Extinction 2008 November 30th 2008 Miami, Florida

Shad Moss vs Tristagi vs Matt Hardy (Massacre)

Nabeel Nawaz vs John Cena (Mayhem)

No ®ated main event that month
Crucifixion 2008 December 28th 2008 Detroit, Michigan Ted DiBiase & John Cena vs Kevin Kompiler & FleX (Mayhem)

Montel Porter vs Nero Jones (DXX ®ated)

Controversially replaced Final Destination from 2007


Event: Date: City: Main Event(s): Notes:
The Last Stand 2009 January 25th 2009 Atlanta, Georgia Tristagi vs White Cloud (Massacre)

John Cena vs Nabeel Nawaz (Mayhem)

Nero Jones vs Ryan Black (DXX Rated)

Replaced "The Rebirth" after the previous event was rescheduled to September.
Dead On Arrival 2009 February 22nd 2009 Chicago, Illanois Chad Jennings vs. James Manson vs. Tristagi (Massacre)

Cody Lawrence vs. Kyle Deathlocke vs. Chris Jericho vs. Asylum vs. Kevin Kompiler vs. Santino Marella (Mayhem)

Nero Jones vs. Tony Vincent (DXX Rated)

WrestleMania III March 29th 2009 Washington D.C. Chad Jennings vs. Matt Hardy (Massacre)

Ryland Deathlocke vs. DJ Hipp vs. Santino Marella vs. Cody Lawrence vs. Kevin Kompiler vs. Chris Jericho (Mayhem)

Nero Jones vs. Matt Pearce (DXX Rated)

The Final Cut 2009 April 12th 2009 Hollywood, Los Angeles, California Dagger Dave vs Matt Hardy vs Chad Jennings (Massacre)

Eric Steel vs. Kid Izzy (DXX Rated)

The First PPV to be Massacre exclusive.
Eye For An Eye 2009 April 26th 2009 St. Louis, Misouri Chad Jennings and Daniel Gravers vs. Dagger Dave and [Tristagi]] Massacre)

Ryland Deathlocke, James Manson and Kyle Evers vs. The BC Alliance (John Cena and Ryan Black) (Mayhem)

Nero Jones vs. Jacky Williams (DXX Rated)

First Event of 2009 without either primary championship on the line.
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