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D-Generation XX: The Rebirth
Debut Date August 2006
Owners/Creators Mr McMahon
Shows Massacre & Mayhem
Operated By Mr McMahon, Assassin, Edge Head 4 Ever, Randy Orton, Nabeel Nawaz, Wes Zephaniah, Carari Grey & Rocco Ross
Web Address http://d-xx.co.nr


About D-Generation XX

D-Generation XX (also known as DXX) was established in August 2006 by Mr. McMahon, better known at the time as Kurt Cantona. He was part of a wrestling forum that was very poorly run, and decided to establish DXX, sharing his vision with several other members and recruiting them to help get the new site off the ground. Almost instantly the site became a success thanks to a combination of excellent advertising ideas, hard work, good show writing and of course a little bit of luck. Within a matter of weeks DXX was fully functional, with a weekly e-fed show, a friendly and close community and an ever-expanding graphics area to give the forum a secondary purpose.

Today (at time of writing) DXX is home to 169 members, although around 1,500 have been a part of the site since its inception. The most well-known is a member called Assassin. There are currently 2 different brands - Monday Night Massacre and Friday Night Mayhem, and both shows have 4 titles. There is also a thriving Graphics section of the site, where all the great GFX makers from all around the world post and review each other graphics as well as share tutorials, advice and ideas.

Current Champions

Brand Championship Current
Date Won Event
Massacre DXX Champion Kevin Kompiler 02-07-08 Monday Night Massacre
DXX Intercontinental Champion Kenny Wallace 29-06-08 One NIght Stand 2008
DXX Tag Team Champions Vacant 28-07-08 Monday Night Massacre
DXX X-Division Champion White Cloud 28-07-08 SummerSlam 2008
Mayhem DXX Universe Champion Josh Impact 03-08-08 Declaration of Retribution 2008
DXX Millennium Champion Dagger Dave 03-08-08 Declaration of Retribution 2008
DXX Trans-Continental Champion FleX 04-07-08 Friday Night Mayhem
DXX United States Champion Josh Impact 13-06-08 Friday Night Mayhem
Mayhem DXX Universe Tag Team Champions DJ Hipp & Kenny Dykstra 31-03-08 Friday Night Mayhem

Friday Night Mayhem

Friday Night Mayhem was started for much the same reasons as Monday Night Massacre. A new look e-fed meant new look shows and this meant the birth of the new show on DXX. Friday Night Mayhem's general manager is Carari Grey and she runs things like clockwork. She had invented matches like the Security Prison match which occurred at the Dead On Arrival Pay-Per View between Randy Orton and DJ Hipp for the DXX Title.


Many superstars contribute and hone their skills on the first of the two shows, Mayhem:

General Manager: Carari Grey

Age of the Fall | Atomic | Chad Jennings | Chris Jericho | Chris O'Leary | Christian Alexander | CM Punk | Death | DJ Hipp | Doctor Cube | Eddie Guerrero | Edge | Floyd Mayweather Jr. | Goldberg | Grim Reaper | John Morrison | Josh Impact | JTG | Kenny Dykstra | Khwame | M. Vengeance | Mr. McMahon | MVP | Nabeel Nawaz | Raven | Saif Ali Khan | Scottie | Shad Gaspard | Slain | The Rock | Tylar Marshall | Tyson Tomko | Violent J | Vyper | Zachory Jones

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Monday Night Massacre

Monday Night Massacre was born on December 3, 2007, after DXX RAW was scrapped because DXX members voted on a new look e-fed. Monday Night Massacre has brought some of the most nail-biting action that DXX has ever seen including an Elimination Chamber match and an innovative Luchas de Apuestas match. Monday Night Massacre has one of the most open rosters in the E-Fed industry, and it is home also home to DXX's X-Division, and the new Hardcore scene will be on Massacre after Wrestlemania.


Massacre is home to great superstars and great talent, including the following:

General Manager: Chris Jericho

Angel Of Death | Angel Dust | Alex Shelley | Brett Unknown | Cody Rhodes | Chris Sabin | Freddy Krueger | Fusion | Holyman | Jimmy James | James Manson | John Cena | Jordinator | Mr. Kennedy | Kurt Angle | Kevin Kompiler | Kaz | Randy Orton | Rob Van Dam | Seth Jacobs | Sabu | Terminal | Triple H | White Cloud | Wes Zephaniah

Former Superstars

Assassin | Magnus Bulla 22:13

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