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DXX United States Championship
Last Holder Mike Kelly
Date Won September 28th, 2008
Next Defence N/A
Promotion DXX
Brand Mayhem

The DXX United States Championship was a professional e-wrestling championship, and the third-highest ranked championship on the Mayhem brand of D-Generation XX. It was originally replaced by the DXX Universe Championship at WrestleMania 2, but on the June 6th episode of Mayhem it was brought back into contention before again being replaced by the DXX Magnum Championship. It is worth noting that the champions were only recognized once Mayhem became a permanent brand in late 2007.



The DXX United States Title was first introduced to the DXX fans in September 2007, where a battle royal took place to determine the first champion. The eventual winner was James Kidd who won with relative ease, in the end defeating Chloe Layfield to win the gold. He held the title for almost two months before it was vacated, and on the November 2nd edition of Friday Night Mayhem another battle royal took place, this time seeing The Undertaker claiming the gold after eliminating Matt Hardy.

The longest reigning United States Champion, Kenny Dykstra

Twenty-eight days later Slain challenged The Undertaker for the title, defeating him and eventually vacating the title once more. Several days later, on the first Mayhem show of 2008, Luke McQuillan picked up an impressive win over Tim Spectacle to begin his title reign. This did not last long however as he too vacated the title in early February.

The last champion before the belt was retired was Kenny Dykstra, who defeated Slain in a best of five series for the vacant title in early February 2008. He was also the longest reigning Champion in DXX history with a total reign of more than 50 days, however it is currently unknown how many times he defended the gold in that timespan. At WrestleMania 2 he competed in an 'All or Nothing' match to merge every singles title into one undisputed title, but came up short on that occasion.

The Rebirth

On the 6th June 2008 General Manager Carari Grey announced plans to bring back the title to Maynem, the next week for the 13/06/08 edition she set up a tournament for the roster to compete in to crown a new champion. The competitors were Montel Vontavious Porter, Vyper, Christian Cage, Kevin Nash, Razor Ramon, Davie Havok, Josh Impact and Luke McQuillan, who replaced previous entrant Brett Unknown after he left the company.

In the first round, MVP beat Vyper who fell victim to the Mayhem Ghost, Davie Havok beat Razor Ramon who became the second victim of the mysterious ring creature, Christian Cage beat Kevin Nash and Luke McQuillan was beaten by Josh Impact.

It was also announced on its return, the title itself would have a brand new look.

In the Semi finals, Havok was beaten by Impact and MVP was beaten by Cage, when the two winners squared off, Impact was crowned the new champion, though an angry Cage challenged him at One Night Stand for the title in a Dog Collar Match which he subsequently lost. Impacts next defence was against Christian Alexander, which he won thanks to outside interference from MVP, and a title mrematch from the tournament final was set up between Impact and MVP and Impact.

The match took place on the August 15th episode of Friday Night Mayhem, and in what was considered an upset MVP successfully defeated Impact after hitting the Playmaker finisher. The victory marked MVPs first reign as Champion.

Final Champion

At Nuclear Warfare, MVP defended his title (despite injury) against Mike Kelly, unfortunately for MVP the injury was too much and cost him the title.

On the December 19th episode of Mayhem Lucas Mitchell decided to abolish the title in favour of the new DXX Magnum Championship, and for the second time in DXX history the United States Championship was retired.

Championship timeline

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
James Kidd Chloe Layfield Mayhem
(September 14, 2007)
• Won the title by eliminating Layfield in a battle royal • 1 Defense
The Undertaker Matt Hardy Mayhem
(November 2, 2007)
• After Kidd vacated the title Undertaker won it by eliminating Hardy in another battle royal • 1 Defense
Slain The Undertaker Mayhem
(November 30, 2007)
• He vacated the title on December 31, 2007 • 0 Defenses.
Luke McQuillan Tim Spectacle Mayhem
(January 4, 2008)
• Vacated the title after a few weeks • 2 Defenses
Kenny Dykstra Slain Mayhem
(Febuary 8, 2008)
• Defeated Slain in a best of five series, was also the longest reigning United States champion • 0 Defenses
Josh Impact Christian Cage Mayhem
(June 13th, 2008)
• Defeated Cage in the final of the United States Championship Tournament after the belt was vacated. • 3 Defenses
MVP Josh Impact Mayhem
(August 15th, 2008)
• None • 0 Defenses
Mike Kelly MVP Nuclear Warfare
(September 28th, 2008)
• Mike became the first ever Australian United States Champion when defeating MVP at Nuclear Warfare • 0 Defences

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