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Ring Name(s) Slain
Handler N/A
Height 6'3"
Weight 245lbs
Date of Birth 17/10/1975
Home Town Sacramento, California
Other E-Feds GTWF
Win/loss Record 10 Wins/7 Losses
Debut 23/11/07
Retired N/A

Slain, also known as the Slayer, is a professional wrestler currently wrestling under the D-Generation XX: The Rebirth Wrestling Corporation. He is a former United States Champion, despite his very short time in the DXX, even though the victory was said to be controversial and unfair. His short span in both the GTWF and DXX Corporations, however, has not affected his reputation - in both wrestling federation, he has managed to sweep the fans off their feet with his athleticism and tenacity, gathering a number of achievements which have not gone unnoticed. In the DXX Federation, he has already gathered many allies...and dangerous foes.



Gametalk Wrestling Federation (GTWF) - Beginnings

Slain's wrestling career began in the Gametalk Wrestling Federation, widely known as the GTWF which had gathered an impressive group of Superstars for their weekly show. Joining the Federation just before their fifth Wrestlemania, Slain was already underrated and tossed into the feud between Brock Lock II and Johnny Nailz. His first match was a against Brock Lock II, with Johnny Nailz the special referee. Slain impressed the fans with a win over the heavyweight, and was tossed into stardom in the following Wrestlemania V, in which he starred in against the entire GTWF Roster in the fabled Vanguard 24/7 Match Up. The 24/7 Match was designed so that the championship holder had to defend his title, 24/7, for that week. Anywhere, anytime, he could be pinned and the new champion would be crowned. Henceforth, from there, the new champion would have to defend in the same style.

In the controversial, deadly and opening match, Slain featured in many of the vital moments - he was one of two men who fell off the Roller-Coaster at a family carnival onto a jumping castle. However, in a surprising and bold move, Slain prevailed in the opening match, a vivid memory. The Chairman of the GTWF, Rick Astin, gained the championship belt moments before the pyrotechnics had gone off for Wrestlemania V, and dashed into the stadium. Slain had come in on a Hot Air Balloon, whilst fending off another wrestler. As Rick Astin raised the title, Slain made a suicide dive off the balloon, catching Rick Astin and pinning the Chairman as the pyrotechnics went off, hence winning the Vanguard title and Vanguard 24/7 Match-Up in his second match ever.

The former champion, Redmann, invoked his rematch clause for the next Pay-Per-View, and the pair would battle in a Hardcore Match for the championship. It was a bloody and intense match, but in the end, Redmann prevailed, but not without controversy yet again. Redmann fatally wounded the former Vanguard Champion, forcing the champion to be sidelined with everyone associated with the DXX thinking the man was dead by Redmann's doing. However, this was not the case, and Slain's return against Dyne Amyte cemented his position in the DXX as a superstar to be reckoned with. In the following match Slain failed to attain the Intercontinental Neo-X Championship, with Dyne Amyte gaining the title over Jon Doe and Slain. From there on, Slain went and gained three further victories on other new, competitive stars such as Hybrid. His final match in the GTWF, a 10-Man Battle Royal, was lost. He left the company in the next week, as there were suspicions of an implosion with the Board of Directors.

D-Generation XX - The Rise to Stardom

Slain debuted in the DXX on Mayhem on the 27th of November, 2007, in a tag-team matchup against one half of the Fight Club faction. His partner, Triple H, had become an ally of sorts in the form of their short-lived Tag Team, the Catalyst Infusion. The pair made an immediate impact on Mayhem's Tag Team Division, with their victory against the Fight Club. The following week, they failed to capture the number one contenders spot for the Tag Team Titles, but created an everlasting memory in Mayhem, during their scheme to plant drugs foolishly in a competitors locker room. Straight after the match, Randy Orton demanded that Slain be put against the beaten Undertaker for the US Title, which Slain regretfully took up, becoming the US Champion of Mayhem for a short lived time. Slain vacated the title a week later, citing family issues.

D-Generation XX - Woeful Return

Slain returned to face a vacated title again, but also a competitor in the name of Kenny Dykstra. General Manager Carari Grey pit Slain in a best of five series against the young superstar, in which Slain gladly accepted. The winner would gain the US Title. During this time, Slain also joined up with Randy Orton's revitalized Evolution Faction, directly against Carari Grey's The Corporation, beginning a spark between the two. This tension carried on in the first two matches against Dykstra, in which he lost. After the second match, Slain was attacked by Grey's guards, sidelining the Superstar for a period of time. No word has been released on the condition of Slain since.

D-Generation XX - Foiling A Dictator

With the approach of Wrestlemania 2, the word had spread of a possible comeback. No-one expected that the Slayer would have returned so rapidly after such a horrendous beating, and as he greeted and spoke to the fan's, Carari Grey had already begun plots to dismember the former Evolution member. She sent the same ten guards to attack Slain from before - but this time, Slain was ready, with a solid steel pipe slithered up his arm. He systematically destroyed the offending guards, infuriating Carari, and thus initializing a feud between the two. However, this feud has been moreover mind games and through other people then up front. Slain seeks the systematic destruction of all Carari stands upon, before overthrowing her from the throne she thinks to sit upon.

Upon his official return to Mayhem, Carari instantaneously set Mayhem's newest abomination, Judas Mesias, on Slain in his return matchup. Slain foiled this plan once again, defeating the monster in singles competition, cementing his spot on Mayhem for the time being. The next week Slain was installed into the "Millennium Championship Tournament", where eight superstars - AJ Styles, Slain, Chris Jericho, DJ Hipp, Danny Stone, Doctor Cube, Mr McMahon and formerly Mike Vengeance but now Kenny Dykstra - face off each week to progress in the rounds. The first week saw victories with McMahon and DJ Hipp, and the elimination of Danny Stone and Doctor Cube. Slain bounced back from his disappointing first week with a victory against the Universe Champion, DJ Hipp and #1 Contender to that title, Chris Jericho, which eventuated in the elimination of Chris Jericho.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature Moves
  • The Twisting Tide - A Modified Rock Bottom - Set up by locking the right arm across the throat of the opponent, while clasping together the left hand into the right hand just left of the person's neck. He then sweeps his right leg out and then into the leg of his opponent, causing him to lose balance and sweeping him into a horizontal position in the air while he jumps at the same time, both dropping down together; the move ends with both men on the ground, Slain in a sitting position while his opponent lying down, his head torques up harshly.
  • Swift Execution - Known as "Angel Wing's", used by Christopher Daniels or Spinning Sitout Double Underhook Facebuster.
  • Liberation - Single-Arm Crossface
  • Incision - Dragon Sleeper with Body Scissors
  • The Abyss - Triangle Chokehold
  • Theme Music
  • Dehumanized by Disturbed
  • Perfect Insanity (Remastered) by Disturbed

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Gametalk Wrestling Federation
  • Vanguard Championship (x1)
  • Winner of the Vanguard 24/7 Challenge at Wrestlemania V - Second Professional Wrestling Match
  • D-Generation XX
  • United States Championship (x1)

Personal Life

Born to a family of four, Leon Alexander was the youngest of the family, and always the one who was spoiled. His parents, Amelia and Petro, were immigrants from Italy to America, where Leon was born three years later. The year before him was Dave Alexander, whom over their first years together, grew a tight brotherly bond, somewhat rare in today's society. The years were rather uneventful, passing by like a butterfly from the cocoon. But everything changed, the night after High School Graduation.

The night changed everything. His friends, drunken, were being driven home by him, who was sober for the night. The one behind him begun to obscure his vision, with a paper bag, and wildly Leon turned, before a truck head on collided. It was only by luck everyone survived, but Leon wasn't so lucky, who was driven into a comatose state for six years. At the age of twenty-four, Leon awoke, surrounded by his family and friends. His first view was a Wrestling Commercial of the Gametalk Wrestling Federation pay-per-view. It changed his life - and he undertook training for Wrestling immediately, to the disdain of his parents. He has a wife, Vanessa Alexander, and a five year old child, Joseph Alexander.

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