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Triple H with his new World Championship after Dead on Arrival
Ring Name(s) The King of Kings, The Cerebral Assassin, The Game
Handler N/A
Height 6'4"
Weight 260 lbs
Date of Birth --/--/--
Home Town Greenwich, Connecticut
Other E-Feds N/A
Win/loss Record -/-/-
Debut 12 November 2007
Retired N/A


The Mayhem Debut

In DXX, on the 12 November 2007, the character of Triple H was handed over to a GFXer, Tim. Upon his debut, he was approached by the likes of DJ Hipp and The Rock, accepting his open challenge. A mini-feud with the Rock ended shortly after Triple H’s debut.

The next step in the DXX Career of Triple H began when a newcomer, Slain, debuted in DXX, and Triple H and Slain were scheduled for a tag match together.

The Catalyst Infusion

Despite a rocky start (Triple H and Slain not trusting each other), The Catalyst Infusion, as they were known, would soon do much the same as the old D-Generation X would do. One particular incident, “Anti-Dope Charges” saw Slain and Triple H planting steroids/dope in Luke McQuillan’s room, an incident which the Catalyst Infusion were criticized for on more than one occasion. The team ended shortly after we saw Slain winning the United States Championship. Slain was unable to compete, leaving Triple H fending for both of them. When Slain quit the business, the future of the Catalyst Infusion had been ended.

Singles Career

After Triple H’s brief run with Slain in the Catalyst Infusion, he would then go on to feud with Wes Zephaniah. The two would exchange words for weeks, before it ended with Triple H getting the upper hand. He would then go on to fight the former General Manager, Randy Orton and many more competitors. His big break came though, when he was placed in a Fatal Four Way #1 Contenders match for Nabeel Nawaz’s Championship, a man he would later feud with. Triple H closely lost this match to JBL, Luke McQuillan and DJ Hipp. Triple H produced a few funny segments for this match, despite losing, but would go on to participate in a 4-Way Dance, a match featuring himself, Kenny Dykstra, JBL and a returning Vince McMahon for #1 Contendership for the US Title, the same title his former partner, Slain, once held. Triple H, in bad shape with bad luck, lost this match, but was later offered by Carari Grey, the Mayhem GM, a shot at the title the following week. Triple H would face Kenny Dykstra and Luke McQuillan the next week, but again would go onto to lose. After many losses, and what seemed a miserable future on Mayhem, Triple H decided a change was in order.

The Trade

In December 2007, Triple H would be traded to DXX Monday Night Massacre for Edge. Unlike on Mayhem, Triple H would later go on to win matches, until he was thrown into the main event by Rocco Ross, the Massacre GM. Triple H would reunite with Shawn Michaels in D-Generation X, a faction that would feud with Rocco Ross for the good part of January/February, and would soon pick up Lita, the woman that Triple H would begin dating. This feud with the boss would end when Shawn Michaels left DXX, and Rocco would “seem” to win the feud. But this was not the case. By issue of the Board of Directors, Triple H would participate in the Elimination Chamber match at Dead On Arrival. During the match, we saw Rocco Ross critically injure himself, and James Manson and Triple H as the final participants. Triple H won the Chamber match, gaining his first Championship in D-Generation XX History.

World Champion

Upon winning the World Championship at DoA, Triple H would engage in a feud with “The Rising Star” James Manson. This led to a match being scheduled at Wrestlemania between the two, and a contract signing 2 weeks beforehand.

Just 2 weeks before Wrestlemania, Rocco Ross announced that James Manson would "Pick Triple H's Poison" on that night, and Triple H would "Pick James Manson's Poison" the following week. James Manson chose for Triple H to face Brett Unknown, with Manson as the special guest referee. James Manson gained the upperhand, hitting Triple H with a steel chair, but a week later, at the CrossBrand Supershow Triple H got his revenge, choosing James Kidd, a wrestler inactive for 8 months, to face James Manson. This cultimated in Triple H spinebusting Manson through a table.

On the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 2, the bad blood boiled over, Triple H left the event still the DXX Champion, emerging victorious over James Manson.

In wrestling

  • Signature Foreign Object
    • Sledgehammer
  • Signature taunts
    • Crotch chop ("Suck it" taunt)
    • Showing off his muscles, put together with Shawn Michaels
    • Arms crossed (the DX "X")
    • Throwing his arms up and back, and expanding his chest
    • Spitting out water during his entrance
  • Nicknames
    • The Cerebral Assassin
    • The Game
    • The King of Kings
  • Theme Music
    • Break It Down by Chris Warren (Theme for D-Generation X)
    • The Game by Motörhead
    • King of Kings by Motörhead
    • The Game by Motörhead, with King of Kings intro

Championships and accomplishments


At Dead on Arrival, we saw Rocco Ross injure himself. Triple H claimed it was his work, but it wasn’t. Rocco was simply escaping Triple H’s sledgehammer, and did the damage to himself.

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