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Rocco Ross
Ring Name(s) Rocco Ross
Height 6' 2
Weight 245 lbs.
Date of Birth  ??/??/??
Home Town Glasgow, Scotland
Other E-Feds n/a
Win/loss Record 26-7-0
Debut December 17, 2006
Retired N/A


Rocco Ross is a former long-staying DXX competitor and General Manager of Massacre in 2008. He had a very successful career spanning more than a year, winning several championships and becoming very popular with fans and fellow Superstars alike.

Things went downhill for Ross when he became General Manager of Massacre in early 2008. Despite a strong start in the job he gradually lost the respect of his Superstars due to continual abuse of his power, highlighted by awarding both himself and Triple H the DXX Tag Team Championships and his partner the World Heavyweight Championship on the same night. Despite planning on retiring immediately after the SummerSlam 2008 event he was fired early and replaced by James Manson.

Rocco Ross left DXX on bad terms and will not be invited to be a part of the company again.

In Wrestling

  • Preferred Foreign Object
    • Steel Chair
    • Sledge hammer
  • Tag Team Partners
  • Nicknames
  • Theme Music
    • 'Living in America' by James Brown

Titles and Accomplishments

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