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Shelly Martinez


Background Information
Ring Name(s) Shelly Martinez


Koffin Kitten






Halloween Barbie

Date of Birth February 9th 1980
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Resides Chino, California
Nationality American
Height 5'5"
Weight 135 lbs
Billed From Chino, California
Ring Debut October 1st 2008
Current Brand Diva
Win/Loss Record 1W 1L 0D

Shelly Martinez is a Mexican-American female wrestler, currently working on DXX as a Diva. She has appeared as the Personal Assistant to Sylvan Grenier on DXX Rated and currently appears backstage on Mayhem, during early 2008, she also was a member of The Black Hearts on Massacre under the name Salinas. She had previously appeared on WWE and TNA.




In early 2008, Martinez joined the company as the valet of then-Massacre General Manager ,Rocco Ross's faction The Black Hearts alongside Triple H, they were later joined by Torrie Falconfeather who acted as a secondary valet to the team. During her arrival she was addressed as Shelly , however this later became Salinas. The faction was entertaining, yet unpopular amongst the fans who felt Ross used his position of authority to gain power for the team, this happened after Ross awarded himself and Triple H the DXX Tag Team Championship, during this period Martinez was rare to in-ring action, though she did join in ambushes lead by the team. Martinez later got involved in a relationship with Ross, however began feuding with her 'friend' Torrie, this lead to Ross granting a match between the two leading up the One Night Stand PPV, Salinas lost the match and was later released by the company after a brawl backstage with Raisha Saeed, Ross explained her absence as 'running scared' following her loss. The faction continued without her.

DXX Rated

In October 2008, Martinez returned to the company after going in between various independent circuits, she was sent to DXX Rated in a non competing role, but instead becoming Personal Assistant to Sylvan Grenier. During her first night in the golden brand, she interrupted Jimmy Haury in hosting the DXX Diva Halloween Contest, she said she had felt the whole competition had taken attention away from her return and verbally assaulted the likes of Maria, Courtney, Ashley Hise and in particular the victor Lexi Lane, the Divas got their own back by throwing a chocolate filled pumpkin on her. This feud later ended when Lane went to feud with Mickie James.

Martinez then appeared frequently in backstage segments, where she frequently slated Co-General Managers such as Mike Wallace and Shane Trent. She also frequently appeared with Grenier by his side or backstage. She often accompnied him to the ring.

In 2009, she left the development brand after Mayhem called her up, Grenier has lost his job and was written out the show, leaving her serving without a purpose. It was later said that she had lost her job too, but wouldn't leave DXX without a fight. She was last seen in feuding with Finley Chambers backstage when she had flirted with Johnny Storm, she later booked her won match for Rated, but shocked Chambers by reintroducing Sylvia to the fans, Martinez explained Sylvia would be wrestling on her behalf, Sylvia then put Chambers out on injury during the match. This storyline continued after her call up to the main roster.

In April 2009, Shelly reappeared on the golden brand alongside Sylvia in which they had a run in with newcomer Bella Martel. Shelly instiagted the argument and then dragged Sylvia to her aid, when it came to the ring, Shelly escorted Sylvia out and pumped her up to execute a superkick that got Sylvia the victory.

At the DXX Rated supershow to celebrate Neidhart's month anniversary as General Manager, she was bought in by Divas Director Leila Darcie to teach Santina Marella as lesson. Darcie amongst other Divas were tired of the attention that Santina had been getting, Darcie made a match for the Womens title that stipulated that Marella would be fired if she had lost the match. Though Saeed dominated the match, she was taken back by a shock near count roll-up, despite Shelly and Sylvia's interference Santina turned the tables with help of Ashley Hise and Courtney. However Santina had taken her eye off of Leila Darcie who used the title belt to smash into Santina's head, Raisha then used the Broken Glass and scored the pin, along with her Sorority and Leila they continued to attack Santina, putting her out on injury. It was mentioned that Shelly was also returning to honour the brand she was once worked for.


In the 14th January 2009 edition of Mayhem, Martinez appeared in a backstage segment interrupting Victor Hasianata in his interview with Sylvia, she said she wated to interview her own assoaciate and later said she was Mayhem's best interviewer, despite not being hired by the brand. She was later seen laughing at Sylvia's anger, knowing she had prepped her to destroy in her match. Hinting that Martinez is now the manager of Sylvia.

This was confirmed two weeks later when Shelly accompnied Sylvia out to the ring, interrupting a Cupid's Ball hosted by Courtney, the two bullied and mocked the young diva, before ordering a match. Shelly helped Sylvia to pick up the win. However later that night when Sylvia was on commentary, Shelly was nowhere to be seen, nor has she whenever the mysterious Burqha woman has attacked.

In a house show before the event, Sylvia took no time at all in defeating Christy Hemme, Shelly was seen laughing with Sylvia before the match about a big surprise. At Dead on Arrival, following weeks of attacking Mickie James, Torrie Falconfeather and Beth Harte, the mysterious woman known to Nathan Black as Lady Burqha was revealed as none other than Raisha Saeed. The unsmasking came after Nattie Neidhart won the match and became the new champion, Sylvia then attacked but was fended off when a burqha donned women entered the ring, Torrie teamed up with Nattie to unmask Shelly Martinez, however this was all a set up to allow the real Lady Burqha down to attack the women, along with Shelly and Sylvia, Raisha beat the two divas to the ground following the big reveal, she treasured her old title, showing she had cut to the front of the number one contenders queue. It appeared Shelly and Sylvia had joined a group alongside Saeed.

She was seen backstage with Sylvia and Raisha Saeed, exchanging the public response to Raisha's return. She did not feature at ringside in the match however, Saeed deemed the trio the Saeed Sorority. At WrestleMania III , Shelly distracted the referee whilst Sylvia attacked Nattie Neidhart, thus allowing Raisha to win the championship.

When Kate won an open battle royale, she became the Sorority's new victim. Raisha alongside Leila Darcie, lead Shelly and Sylvia into attacking the new contender, deeming her 'unworthy of the gold'.

In wrestling

As Shelly:

  • Shelly-Shock (Sitout facebuster)
  • Straight jacket kneeling inverted DDT
    • Casadora Bulldog (Wheelbarrow bulldog)
    • Standing camel clutch
    • Thesz press
    • Tornado DDT
    • Chokehold STO
    • Low blow
    • Scoop slam
    • Thesz press
    • Tornado DDT
    • Wheelbarrow hair-pull facebuster

  • Double Team Moves
    • Double DDT

  • Signature Foreign Object
    • Crowbar
    • Sledge Hammer

  • Stables/Tag Teams

  • Theme Music
    • "Brick House" by Rob Zombie (OVW)
    • "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie (OVW)
    • "Headstrong" by Trapt (OVW)
    • "Mi Destrojero" production song from the Video Helper Production Library (WWE ECW)
    • "Don't Waste My Time" by Jim Johnston (ECW; Used while with The New Breed)
    • "Girlfriend" by Dale Oliver (TNA; 2007)
    • "To Live and Die In LAX" (TNA)
    • "Hardcore" by Filthee / Brickman Raw (TNA)
    • "Hardcore (Instrumental Remix)" (TNA)

Championships and accomplishments


Empire Wrestling Federation

  • EWF Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Threat

World Wide Women Wrestling'

  • WWWW World Championship (1 time)

Extreme Wrestling Entertainment

  • EWE Womens championship (1 time)
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