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Raisha Saeed
Background Information
Ring Name(s) Raisha Saeed

Cheerleader Melissa

Melissa Anderson

Lady Burqha

Nickname(s) The Syrian Sex Symbol

The Vain Vixen

DXX's Dominant Diva

Date of Birth 17/08/82
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Resides Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Height 5'8"
Weight 142 lbs
Billed From Damascus , Syria
Ring Debut May 2008
Current Brand Diva
Win/Loss Record 12W 6L 1D

Raisha Saeed (real name Melissa Anderson) is a cross-branded Diva, currently working for DXX, she appears on both Mayhem and Massacre as well as making guest appearances on DXX Rated.



Mayhem and Massacre

Raisha Saeed debuted on DXX Mayhem on May 23rd 2008 , she introduced herself as DXX's newest and most dominant Diva, stating that she was the 'Reflection of perfection' and the 'Syrian Sex Symbol', showing immediately that she was a heel superstar undergoing a gimmick of vanity, narcissim and arrogance. She made a beeline for all the other divas in DXX, stating they were amateurish and had no in-ring talent, which she'd prove when she takes away their beauty-the only thing that keeps them in the comapny. Saeed then stated not only did she want to be an A-List Diva, but she also wanted to prove herself as a manager and offered her managerial servies to the entire roster, Davie Havok who also debuted that night accepted her services and the two deemed themselves the 'Reflections of Perfection', immediately the fans disliked the duo, which caused regular arguments between the pair and the audience in which Havok and Saeed would insult the crowd each week. That same nigh, Raisha Saeed also hinted that she had another client on the way back to DXX, she called them the 'Protoge', however a few days later she was disgusted when her services were no longer needed- her client was then revealed to be Razor Ramon who was returning after a stint in rehab. Not only this, but when Saeed found out Havok would be facing Ramon in both of their debut matche on Mayhem, she targeted him and exploited his weekenesses, making references to his age, whislt also heightening Davie Havok's ego. The apir vowed to destroy Ramon and Saeed made a number of statements on DXX.com regarding the match as well as warning the other Divas that she will be the next DXX Womens Champion.

That week on Mayhem, Davie Havok with Saeed at his side, proved their theory in defeating Ramon. Whilst Razor Ramon dominated the match, Raisha Saeed took this as an oppertunity to interfere, distracting both Ramon and the referee to allow Havok to pick up the victory.

After attacking Mickie James and Torrie Falconfeather the followign week during their match, Saeed tried to justify her reasons for this. However, she also warned them that she was taking no prisoners in the upcoming handicap match and said she would be introducing 'Plan B'. Which turned out to be true, when Carari Grey turned it into a tag team match, with Plan B or "Bea" as she called her working alongside Raisha. When Mickie demanded answers in an intervie with Sarah Green, Raisha brutally attacked her once more and sent her to hospital. She will also be managing Davie Havok in the DXX United States Championship tournament that week. She helped Davie qualify through to the Semi's against Razor Ramon once more, however it could be argued that her interference in the Semi-Finals against Josh Impact cost Davie the match.

On Friday 13th June, Raisha and Plan B were able to cheat their way to victory agaisnt Mickie James and Torrie Falconfeather, however much to the suprise and awe of the fans Torrie then turned on Mickie and the three divas triple teamed and attacked her again, now it seems that the Raisha, Torrie and Plan B (deemed The Sisterhood of Hotness by Cowboy Ivan) have a mutual bond of hatred to eliminate Mickie James, though what this will mean for One Night Stand, we do not know.

A week later, the Sisterhood supported eachother in their matches, with both Torrie and Plan B competing, (it was Raisha and Torrie's distraction that allowed Plan B to triumph over the returning Trish Stratus and Plan B and Raisha's meddling that allowed Torrie to pick up another win on Mickie James.

A week later, a Diva Battle Royale would be scheduled on a special Wednesday night Edition of Mayhem, with both Plan B and Raisha involved, it's speculated the two will work together once more, whilst Torrie's absence has so far not been explained.

It was also revealed that Raisha Saeed and Davie Havok had parted ways, meaning the end of the 'futureproof' AFI-Entourage, this was most likely due to Havok's music career meaning the storyline was prematurely dropped. Regardless, Saeed took it as an oppertunity to focus on her in ring career. That same week, Raisha nearly won the Hardcore Diva Battle Royale match, working alongside Plan B to eliminate the likes of Mickie James, Daisy and Beth Phoenix. Raisha would have won the match, had it not been for the suprise return of debuting Heather Jeanette, who had not actually been elminated, astounded by her first loss in DXX, Raisha marched to Carari Grey's office bribing her for a chance of revenge.

A few days earlier, Raisha Saeed toured the Massacre arena and expressed her disappointment about not being included in the speical edition, here she met general manager, Rocco Ross , whislt it seemed hostile between the two at first, with Ross' valet being none other than Torrie Falconfeather who Saeed had been feuding with, the pair ressolved their issues when she gave news that she had big plans for Massacre, when Ross was ready to hear them. These plans have not yet been revealed. The next week on Massacre, Torrie Falconfeather, who Saeed found enjoyment in making up names for, beat fellow Black Heart member, Salinas, in a match. Shortly afterwards, Salinas left the company, but Raisha Saeed came up with a theory that it was due to Salinas' fear of being beaten by Saeed, when she could nto even beat the 'amateur' likes of Torrie. This increased the tension between Falconfeather and Saeed. On 8th May, Raisha Saeed returned to Massacre after attacking both Mickie James and Torrie Falconfeather on Mayhem, she felt that she ahd been stabbed in the back by Carari Grey, who had placed her in a handicap match agaisnt the two ladies in the coming Mayhem. She also expressed that Mickie and Torrie's friendship was fake and the two would happily stab eachother in the back, planting paranoia in the two's relationship. When asked about her plans with Rocco Ross, she failed to elaborate, but did reveal her debut match would be on Massacre. Once more she was also seen on the phone to an unknown person.

On the 9th May 2008, Raisha debuted on Massacre, it was revealed that she'd be taking part oin an Open Battle Royal, despite being the only Diva in the match, Saeed proved herself for the victory, much to the bitterness of Khwame Myles who attacked Saeed, though it was alter revealed to be nothing serious. Despite this, Rocco Ross booked both of them in a Cross Gender Match on the new Tuesday Night Massacre in which Raisha was able to roll Khwame up for her second victory over Khwame. Since then she had not appeared on Massacre until 8th July, where due to an interference from SIsterhood member Torrie, Saeed and her partner , Johnny Relentless lost the match once more to Johnny Storm and Heather Jeanette.

Her and Sylvia also viewed the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match which Torrie Falconfeather had won, shortly after the match they left where Mickie and Beth had attacked Torrie.

During the August period, whilst scouting for contenders, Raisha interrupted a announcement made by Daisy Vacariu, the two exchanged words with one another, Raisha warned Daisythat she had become a problem, however Daisy would have to prove ehrself worthy before the problem could be sorted out. Making a direct challenge towards her. After Sylvia's match that week on Massacre, (its first show moved back to Monday Nights) , Daisy chased after Saeed and battled off Sylvia saying that she thought she had made a big enough impact already. In the special Massacre Roulette edition of the show, Raisha accompanied Syliva to the ring as she took on Saeed's number one contender, Daisy Vacariu in an Arm wrestling contest. Sylvia cheated for the victory, however Raisha's scheming came back to haunt her as she was faced with none other than Heather Jeanette who had returned that night. Unimpressed by this, GM Chris Jericho added her to the DXX Anniversary match.

Raisha Saeed then had more buisness deals, this time with general manager, Carari Grey, she expressed that she thought it was about time the DXX Womens Championship was put on the line at a PPV, something which hand't been doen for nearly a year. Grey, suprisingly agreed and accepted Saeed's idea of an Extreme Roulette Match at One Night Stand 2008 agains tthe champion , Melina and Torrie Falconfeather.This match was altered only a week after this time adding Mickie James to the equasion, her return from Japan sawher off to a start in a match against Torrie Falconfeather, though Saeed was not included in this she told Sarah Green in an interview she did not care who won as she'd beat both of them anyway. When the two came face to face, Torrie came out on top only to be interrupted by Raisha Saeed who attacked both women with a steel chair.

Also in that week, Raisha Saeed launched a hate campaign of the returning Crisis, once again she exploited his flaws on his appearance and brains, Crisis was angry about this and suprisingly, Havok was too. He even went as far as threatening to fire Saeed if she stepped out of line again, this caused Saeed to storm off angrily, feeling disrespected for her loyalty. This showed cracks in the duo's relationship. Though issues seemed to be ressolved when she was heard o nthe phone to Havok, promising a suprise for him, she then opened a box containing a whip and dressed up as a Dominatrix for the match. That week, depsite attacking Crisis with her whip, Davie came up short and Raisha herself was chokeslammed, leaving her in a kneckbrace. Tough this turned out to be exaggerated when she was later seen discarding the piece after getting her won way. Raisha goes into One Night Stand after facing Divas such as Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Trish Stratus and Daisy Vacariu in a Hardcore Battle Royale on Mayhem, this match also saw her protoge/bodyguard Plan B compete. Saeed lost this match in an upset victory.

At One Night Stand, Saeed proved herself by prevailing in the match pinning her fellow Sisterhood member, Torrie Falconfeather in what had then become a Hell in The Cell Match, which was also a first in history for the DXX and it's Divas, with help from her friend Plan B, who is now known as Sylvia from a backstage interview, Saeed plans to dominate the diva division further by taking out all competition, starting with Heather Jeanette who both Torrie and Sylvia face in a handicap match, with Raisha herself as special guest referee, despite the odds stacked against Heather, she was still able to pull one over on the Sisterhood, angry at defeat Heather was attacked again this time Raisha made the announcement she'd be defending her title right there, she then triple teamed Heather for the victory. However that will not be the end of Heather Jeanette as Raisha returns to Massacre wit hthe gold round her waist, teaming up with Johnny Relentless against Heather and Johnny Storm, however to her anger Torrie had turned on Raisha to give Heather and Storm the win, the match was made at SummerSlam that Heather would be facing her for the title. Earlier in that night also, Raisha interfered in a match between Beth Phoenix and Mickie James, attacking the two of them and leaving them for the Mayhem Ghost to take away.

On 11th July edition, Raisha once again announced she'd be defending her gold against a mystery opponent in a backstage interview with Sarah Green, Saeed also warned Torrie to keep away and that her interference has not affected her as a champion. Later that night Carari Grey said she had a suprise for Sarah Green and sent her to the ring, once there she attacked by Raisha who double teamed her with Sylvia for the win and another victory as Womens champion, it was after the match when the reamining Sisterhood went to attack Green that brought Heather Jeanette out, Grey announced the match at SummerSlam would be a Lumberjill match. That same night she also saw Sylvia desmiate newcomer Jackie Gayda.

She was also in a backstage segment with a proposal for temporary General Manager, Drake White. She offered him assistance, syaing the two would work well together with her as Assistant General Manager, she made her first act as Asst. GM by booking Miss Jackie & Torrie Falcnfeather in a match against Beth Phoenix & Mickie James. Also on the 18th July edition she beat rookie Milena Roucka for the DXX Womens Championship much to the dismissal of her contender Heather Jeanette, when her and Sylvia went to attack Roucka once more, Heather fought Sylvia allowing Saeed to escape, heating the rivalry up again. At SummerSlam, Saeed and Heather came face to face again for the gold, the contest was deemed a draw when the Mayhem Ghost attacked the two, whilst the Ghost was chased off by Jimmy James, Saeed retained her gold.

On the 8th August edition of Mayhem, Raisha and Sylvia were bridesmaids to Jennifer at her wedding to DJ Hipp. In her role as Assistant General Manager, Saeed announced both the Lingerie contest and the Hangmans Horror Match for DXX Anniversary.

Raisha was able to pick up her fifth successful defense, pinning Daisy in her triple threat match alongside Heather Jeanette. In a segment, we saw Sylvia slap Rasiha, however it was revealed to be Raisha's tactic of provoking Sylvia into anger, so that she can unleash it in Raisha's matches. She was also two faced to Chelsea Korka in a backstage interview, before she had her match that evening.

As of September sinc Nabeel Nawaz's takeover of Mayhem, Saeed has not been seen, it was revealed she has been having management issues similiar to those that caused Carari Grey, DJ Hipp & Jennifer to leave. It is thought she has stepped down from her position. This was confirmed on the 5th September edition of the show in a conversation between Nabeel Nawaz and Charlotte Cross.

On the 22nd September edition of Massacre after mockingly putting her title up for grabs, Raisha was countered into a Mick Kick for the suprise win, however this was bittersweet as a seething Raisha Saeed and Sylvia attacked the new champion. She announced to DXX.com she was taking a break from the company and has yet to return, she did however win 'Best Diva' Award at 2008's DXX Awards.

The Return

At Dead on Arrival, following weeks of attacking Mickie James, Torrie Falconfeather and Beth Harte, the mysterious woman known to Nathan Black as Lady Burqha was revealed as none other than Raisha herself. The unsmasking came after Nattie Neidhart won the match and became the new champion, Sylvia then attacked but was fended off when a burqha donned women entered the ring, Torrie teamed up with Nattie to unmask Shelly Martinez, however this was all a set up to allow the real Lady Burqha down to attack the women, along with Shelly and Sylvia, Raisha beat the two divas to the ground following the big reveal, she treasured her old title, showing she had cut to the front of the number one contenders queue.

Backstage with Shelly and Sylvia, Raisha returned to her old tricks of sniping about her opponents, she was desperate to know how the public recieved her return and vowed she'd beat Beth Harte, the undefeated Diva who had become the first to win a male orientated championship. Saeed deemed the trio The Saeed Sorority. During the match, Sylvia helped Saeed take control of her re-debut match, Raisha managed to lock Harte into a sharpeshooter for a submission. The move was somewhat similiar to Neidhart's, hinting she may be mocking the current champion following her attack. Herself and Sylvia were shown excitedly celebrating following the match, with Saeed setting out for the title once more. This oppertunity came when Luke Mitchell announced she'd face Beth Harte and Nattie Neidhart for the title at WrestleMania III. Come WrestleMania, the three women faced off in action and Nattie looked to retain her title when Shelly made an appearance distracting the referee, this allowed Raisha's fellow stablemate, Sylvia, to execute a Schizophrenic Effect on Nattie so that her boss could get the pin and become Womens Champion once more.

A week later, Aolina Sanchez, beat off the competition to win the Prove Yourself challenge, meaning she'd get a shot at Raisha with the primse that if she beat Raisha she'd earn a shot at the title. When the match came, Raisha was sure to win when Aolina managed to get a roll up win, causing a massive upset. The scornful champion was not impressed and needless to say, this won't be the last time she meets Sanchez.

She teamed up with Nattie Neidhart in the week leading up to Eye For An Eye on Mayhem, the two beat the team of Mickie James and Aolina Sanchez. However come to Eye for an Eye she managed to pin Maria but was later eliminated herself by Beth Harte. She learnt following the events of Road To Retribution that she'd be facing Sex Icons matriach, Kate at for the title at a later date. That Mayhem, Raisha interfered in a match between Kate and Ella Stevenson, the Sorority then attacked both Divas, victimising Kate in particular. When Jacky Williams, the new General Manager, attempted to intervene he was sent on his way by Leila Darcie who said the Divas were hers to use. Williams later banned the Sorority and Darcie from the arena.

DXX Rated

Upon the shows debut, Raisha accomponied Sylvia in a 8 Diva Tag Match, making her first appearance since losing the title, Saeed joined Steve Evans and Vinnie Vice by the commentary table, though tried to screw the opposing team (including Mickie James, Shannon Burke, Lyric Monroe and Daisy Vacariu) out of the win, Mickie launched herself int odefense mode allowing her team to win. Much to the annoyance of Raisha. Earlier in the evening both her and Sylvia were also interviewed for Rated by Zezi Pasqual, Raisha claimed that it wouldn't be long before she was making history once more, making the statement that she will be victorious at Nuclear Warfare. Shortly after this she went on hiatus.

She returned to the show in March where she interfered in a match with Beth Harte against her colleague, Sylvia. Thus causing a no contest, Harte was double teamed by the two before Nattie Neidhart ran in for the save.

Raisha guest appeared on a DXX Rated special to celebrate Neidhart's month anniversary as General Manager, she was bought in by Divas Director Leila Darcie to teach Santina Marella as lesson. Darcie amongst other Divas were tired of the attention that Santina had been getting, Darcie made a match for the Womens title that stipulated that Marella would be fired if she had lost the match. Though Saeed dominated the match, she was taken back by a shock near count roll-up, despite Shelly and Sylvia's interference Santina turned the tables with help of Ashley Hise and Courtney. However Santina had taken her eye off of Leila Darcie who used the title belt to smash into Santina's head, Raisha then used the Broken Glass and scored the pin, along with her Sorority and Leila they continued to attack Santina, putting her out on injury.

In wrestling

    • Broken Glass (Vertebreaker)
    • B*tch Fit (Hair pulled choke bomb)
    • Sharpeshooter
    • Hair pulled STO
    • Spinning Back Breaker
    • Clothesline
    • Spinning crescent kick
    • Face Lift (Sit out facebuster)
    • Vertical Suplex
    • Corkscrew roundhouse kick
    • School Girl Roll-Up Pin
    • Scoop Powerslam
    • Reverse STO
    • Bridging Evasion
    • Slap
    • Air Raid Crash
    • DDT

  • Double Team Moves
    • Through the Looking Glass- Wheelbarrow hold (by Sylvia) / Charging 180° spinning facebuster (Raisha)
    • Double DDT - With Torrie/Sylvia

  • Signature Foreign Object
    • Whip
    • Hand Mirror

  • Stables/Tag Teams

  • Signature taunts
    • Hair Flick
    • Primping
    • Smoothing and showing off her body
    • Limboing underneath bottom rope during entrance
    • Smirking arrogantly

  • Nicknames
    • The Syrian Sex Symbol
    • The Syrian Style Icon
    • The Vain Vixen
    • Ms. (Raisha) Saeed
    • DXX's Dominant Diva

  • Theme Music
    • All About Us by t.A.t.U. (Current)
    • Girls Not Grey by AFI (Only used when entering with Havok/AFI)
    • I'm a Bomb by Natasha Bedingfield (2008)

Championships and accomplishments

  • D-Generation X Wrestling (DXX)

DXX Womens Championship - 2 Time

Assistant General Manager of DXX Mayhem - (2008)

Winner of the Best Diva at the 2008 DXX Awards

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