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Background Information
Ring Name(s) Sylvia

Plan B


Nickname(s) Psycho Sylvia


The Derranged Diva

Date of Birth 10/02/81
Place of Birth San Bernardino, California
Resides San Bernardino, California
Nationality American
Height 5'8"
Weight 155 lbs
Billed From San Bernardino, California
Ring Debut 13th June 2008
Current Brand Diva
Win/Loss Record 7W 4L 0D

Sylvia also known by the alias Plan B (Born Siobhan Bryers) is a cross-branded Diva, currently working for DXX, she appears on both Mayhem and Massacre as well as DXX Rated. She is currently working on the behalf of Raisha Saeed.




Sylvia was introduced to DXX as the bodyguard/protoge of Raisha Saeed, Saeed had been told the audience how she had a client that would shake things up in the buisness and prove that Raisha herself was the best there was, she said that at the upcoming pay-per-view One Night Stand she might be forced to use her client if things don't go her way as a 'Plan B', the name caught on as the mysterious newcomer was known very little about up until her debut.

After Raisha Saeed attacked Mickie James and Torrie Falconfeather during a match. Carari Grey had intially booked a handicap match, worried about the odds stacked against her Raisha announced she'd be introducing Plan B or simply Bea the next week making Carari Grey turn it into a tag team match. When Mickie demanded answers in an intervie with Sarah Green, Raisha brutally attacked her once more and sent her to hospital...

On Friday 13th June, Plan B debuted alongisde Raisha and impressed the audience with her powerhouse and unorthadox moves such as the 'The Schizophrenic Effect' , the two were able to cheat their way to victory agaisnt Mickie and Torrie , however much to the suprise of everyone present Torrie then turned on Mickie and the three divas triple teamed and attacked her again, the trio of Raisha, Torrie and Plan B (deemed The Sisterhood of Hotness by Cowboy Ivan) have a mutual bond of hatred to eliminate Mickie James and all the other divas, though speculation grew on what Raisha and Bea were planning on doing to Torrie seeing as she was Raisha's opponent at One Night Stand.

A week later, the Sisterhood supported eachother in their matches, with both Torrie and Plan B competing, (it was Raisha and Torrie's distraction that allowed Plan B to triumph over the returning Trish Stratus and Plan B and Raisha's meddling that allowed Torrie to pick up another win on Mickie James. Before her match we also saw an alternative side of Plan B, whislt she stil lbullied the other Divas, she became obsessive and psychotic, using vodoo on pictures of Trish as well as trashing lockerooms and breaking dolls as if they were the other divas, thsi did not go unnoticed by Raisha who praised this to build her frustration for the matches ahead, whislt other divas thought she wa smore suited to a mental asylum.

A week later, a Diva Battle Royale would be scheduled on a special Wednesday night Edition of Mayhem, with both Plan B and Raisha involved, it's speculated the two will work together once more, whilst Torrie's absence has so far not been explained. That same week, Plan B worked on the behalf of her team amte Raisha to eliminate the likes of Mickie James, Melina, Daisy and Beth Phoenix. Raisha would have won the match, had it not been for the suprise return of debuting Heather Jeanette into the match , who had not actually been elminated, Plan B had alreayd eliminated herself toi allow Saeed the victory, though Saeed was later thrown out herself, making the first and so far only loss of both women. Saeed angry at her loss demanded that the Sisterhood take revenge in a handicap match against Heather Jeanette, with Saeed as speical guest referee and Plan B and Torrie teaming up. However despite having an advantage, Heather tricked the two ladies into the win, Sylvia then assisted Raisha in attacking Heather, using a new move known as 'Through the Looking Glass , Raisha tehn used the oppertunity to pick up the win in a brief title match, that night Sylvia also along with the Sisterhood attacked Beth Phoenix and Mickie James.

In a squash match she also annialted Jackie Gayda to regain herself from her losing streak, before the match Sylvia had pretended to be covered in Jackie's blood, continuing her mental state gimmick.

After a five mont break Sylvia returned to the main roster where she was interviewed by her associate Shelly Martinez, she was also seen talking to Leila Darcie about PA, Danny Jeremiah. In the ring she easily defeated newcomer Maryse, Sylvia seemed to have been slightly less crazy but more viscious this time round, she also debuted a new look. In the interview she explained she would be back to take out those who got in hers and Saeed's way to right their wrongs. Her return also encouraged rumours that Saeed will too return.

The following week, Sylvia acted as special referee in a match that saw Kelly Kelly take on Mickie, Sylvia hell bent on revenge tried to take out Mickie early on in the match, absuing her position, however Beth Harte's interruption allowed Mickie to get the win when a new referee entered the match. Shortly after however a Woman wearing a Burqha entered the ring an attacked James. Sylvia then provided commentary the next week, in what turned oiut to become an all out brawl when she ambushed Mickie James alongside Beth, the two were interrupted by the Burqha Woman once more, Torrie Falconfeather then offered help to Mickie James.

However earlier in the night Sylvia also competed. Interrupting a special segment hosted by DXX Rated's, Courtney, to celebrate Valentines day. Sylvia came out alongside Shelly, ordering a match and shortly putting Courtney away for what she called a victory. The following week she dominated in a match against equally skilled Beth Harte, however Harte managed to overcome Sylvia for the upset win, not before another interruption from the Burqha Woman took place. Earlier that night alongside Shelly, the two teased at something big arriving at Dead On Arrival.

In a house show before the event, Sylvia took no time at all in defeating Christy Hemme. At Dead on Arrival, following weeks of attacking Mickie James, Torrie Falconfeather and Beth Harte, the mysterious woman known to Nathan Black as Lady Burqha was revealed as none other than Raisha Saeed. The unsmasking came after Nattie Neidhart won the match and became the new champion, Sylvia then attacked but was fended off when a burqha donned women entered the ring, Torrie teamed up with Nattie to unmask Shelly Martinez, however this was all a set up to allow the real Lady Burqha down to attack the women, along with Shelly and Sylvia, Raisha beat the two divas to the ground following the big reveal, she treasured her old title, showing she had cut to the front of the number one contenders queue. It appeared Shelly and Sylvia had joined a group alongside Saeed later deemd The Saeed Sorority. She appeared backstage with her Sorority sisters shortly before Raisha's re-debut match, Sylvia was annoyed at the fact Beth Harte had insulted her on, she accomponied Saeed to the ring later that night, her interference and distractions allowed Saeed to pick up the submission and the win. At WrestleMania, Sylvia attacked Nattie Neidhart, whilst Shelly distracted the referee, this allowed Raisha to pick up the win and earn the championship once more.

When Kate won an open battle royale, she became the Sorority's new victim. Raisha alongside Leila Darcie, lead Shelly and Sylvia into attacking the new contender, deeming her 'unworthy of the gold.'


Sylvia debuted on Massacre in non wrestling action on 3rd July 2008, it was in a heated debate between Raisha Saeed and heather Jeanette who were set to face eachother in Mixed Tag action with Raisha teaming up with Johnny Relentless and Heather's partner being Johnny Storm, Heather fought back agaisnt the Sisters verbal abuse, and warned Sylvia not to interfere in the match or there'll be trouble. However both her and Raisha ignored this and continued to mock Heather. Despite this it was Torrie Falconfeather turning on her 'Sisters' that cost Raisha the match and allowing Heather another win, causing Raisha to take on Heather for her title once more at SummerSlam. Sylvia (alongside Raisha) also viewed the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match which Torrie Falconfeather had won, shortly after the match they left where Mickie and Beth had attacked Torrie.

It was announced that Sylvia would be taking part in her first match on Massacre, taking on Jazz , with Raisha in her corner scouting the match for new competitors. That week, Syliva wore an 'I ♥ K.D.' shirt, continuing the her 'crush' on Kenny Dykstra. In the ring , Jazz suprisingly dominated the match, though both powerhoused women did put in their best efforts. In the end, Sylvia used Raisha's interference to get the roll up victory on her debut. SHortly afterwards though Daisy Vacariu who Sylvia and Raisha had mocked earlier on in the week, came out an battled off Sylvia, challenging Raisha for her title. The next week, Sylvia faced Daisy in an arm wrestling match, which she was able to win. However, both Raisha and Sylvia were suprised to learn that none other than Heather Jeanette was returning that night. Angry and unimpressed at the womens brawling, General Manager, Chris Jericho added Heather to the match at DXX Anniversary.

Giving the Gold

Whilst Sylvia herself wasn't involved in the match she accmponied Raisha into One Night Stand as she faced Mickie James, Melina and Torrie Falconfeather, it was the teamwork of Saeed and Sylvia which resulted in Saeed's victory and becoming the new DXX Womens Champion in a backstage interview with the striking Sarah Green, Plan B was given the name Sylvia at last giving her a proper identity, Sylvia continued to use her bully/bodyguard gimmick, calling herself the HBIC (Head B*tch in Charge).

When Saeed had picked up another victory, thsi time against interviewer Sarah Green, in what was an unfair match. Saeed and Sylvia tried to attack the DXX Working Diva once more however, much to the Sisterhood's annoyance they were intervened by Heather Jeanette. Grey then nanounced there'd be a Lumberjill match for Saeed's title at SummerSlam. With Sylvia most likely becoming a lumberjill herself.

On the 18th July edition of Mayhem, Sylvia got on the wrong side of Heather Jeanette after her and Raisha tried to attack Raisha's latest victim Milena Roucka, Heather knocked Sylvia out of the ring, allowing Raisha to escape. Saeed also announced in her position as Assistant General Manager, Sylvia would be scouting matches to look for suitable number one contenders. At SummerSlam she tried to help Saeed retain the gold , but was chased off by the Mayhem Ghost , though the intererence did mean that Saeed would keep her championship regardless.

On the 8th August edition on Mayhem, herself and Raisha Saeed were bridesmaids for the upcoming marriage of DJ Hipp and Jennifer, this is where Sylvia admitted she had a bizarre crush on none other than Kenny Dykstra.

At DXX Anniversary, Sylvia expressed disappointment at not being involved in the Lingerie Contest and revealed a PVC Dominatrix styled outfit, which got a lot of attention from the fil crew, much to Raisha's annoyance.Later that night, she also accompanied Raisha to the ring for her match. In a segment, we saw Sylvia slap Rasiah, however it was revealed to be Raisha's tactic of provoking Sylvia into anger, so that she can unleash it in Raisha's matches.

On 22 September edition of Massacre, after losing her title, Raisha Saeed attacked the new champion Mickie James, as her 'bodyguardess' Sylvia was all too keen to lend a helping hand.

DXX Rated

Upon the shows debut, Raisha accompanied Sylvia in a 8 Diva Tag Match, making her first appearance since losing the title, Saeed joined Steve Evans and Vinnie Vice by the commentary table, though tried to screw the opposing team (including Mickie James, Shannon Burke, Lyric Monroe and Daisy Vacariu) out of the win, Mickie launched herself int odefense mode allowing her team to win. Much to the annoyance of Raisha. Earlier in the evening both her and Sylvia were also interviewed for Rated by Zezi Pasqual, Raisha claimed that it wouldn't be long before she was making history once more, making the statement that she will be victorious at Nuclear Warfare, at this point Sylvia also threatened the other Divas on the block.

After a four month absence, Sylvia returned into action, without Saeed. She beat Finley Chambers, in quick action as she was announced the suprise opponent, wrestling on Shelly Martinez's behalf. After the match the two attacked Finley putting her out on an injury.

She returned to the show in March 2009, where she and Beth Harte brawled until Raisha Saeed interfered causing a draw. The Saeed Sorority members attacked Harte and taunted her until, eventually, Nattie Neidhart ran down and chased both Sylvia and Raisha off, both looking exeedingly happy with themselves.

In April 2009, Sylvia reappeared on the golden brand alongside Shelly in which they had a run in with newcomer Bella Martel. Shelly instiagted the argument and then dragged Sylvia to her aid, when it came to the ring, Sylvia executed a superkick for the win over the newcomer.

In a DXX Rated special to celebrate Neidhart's month anniversary as General Manager, Raisha was bought in by Divas Director Leila Darcie to teach Santina Marella as lesson. Darcie amongst other Divas were tired of the attention that Santina had been getting, Darcie made a match for the Womens title that stipulated that Marella would be fired if she had lost the match. Though Saeed dominated the match, she was taken back by a shock near count roll-up, despite Shelly and Sylvia's interference Santina turned the tables with help of Ashley Hise and Courtney. However Santina had taken her eye off of Leila Darcie who used the title belt to smash into Santina's head, Raisha then used the Broken Glass and scored the pin, along with her Sorority and Leila they continued to attack Santina, putting her out on injury.

In wrestling

    • The Schizophrenic Effect-Sit out Inverted front power slam
    • Sylvia Standard- Lifting falling reverse DDT, suplex slam
    • Big Boot
    • Super kick
    • Sling shot Somersault leg drop
    • Hair Pulled Gory Special
    • Swinging Side Slam
    • Forward Russian Leg Sweep
    • Bridging Reverse Chin lock
    • Slap
    • Double Axe Handle
    • Illegal Pin (At turnbuckle)
    • Roll-Up Pin
    • Fireman Carry turned to a tilt-a-whirl slam
    • Military Press Slam
    • High impact Clothesline

  • Double Team Moves
    • Through the Looking Glass- Wheelbarrow hold (by Sylvia) / Charging spinning facebuster (Raisha)
    • Double DDT

  • Signature Foreign Object
    • Hand Mirror

  • Stables/Tag Teams
    • AFI Enourage (Davie Havok, Jade Pudget, Sylvia, Raisha Saeed and Other AFI Bandmates) (2008)
    • The Sisterhood of Hotness (Raisha Saeed, Sylvia and Torrie Falconfeather) (2008)
    • Raisha Saeed & Sylvia (2008-current)
    • The Saeed Sorority (Raisha Saeed, Sylvia and Shelly Martinez) (2009-current)

  • Signature taunts
    • Paranoid Glances
    • Evil glance form standing on second rope
    • Holding Mirror Proudly for Saeed
    • Smirking arrogantly
    • Beating the palm of her hand

  • Nicknames
    • The HBIC
    • The Psycho Diva
    • 'Plan B

  • Theme Music
    • Cool Tweak (Current)
    • All About Us by t.A.t.U. (Only used when with Raisha Saeed)

Championships and accomplishments


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