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DXX Wrestlemania is an annual Pay-Per-View, produced by D-Generation XX: The Rebirth, which is seen as the company's second highest event following DXX Anniversary which became a fully fledged PPV in 2008 as opposed to a supershow from before. Before the WWE/DXX merge however, it was the biggest selling PPV. It features talents from Massacre, Mayhem and in 2009, for the first time ever, DXX Rated.

Following the merge into DXX, three aditions have been aired.

Event: Date: City: Main Event(s): Notes:
Wrestlemania April 1st 2007 Unknown Randy Orton vs Edge vs CM Punk vs Christian Cage None
WrestleMania II March 30th 2008 Orlando, Florida Triple H vs James Manson (Massacre)
DJ Hipp vs Kenny Dykstra vs The Rock vs Floyd Mayweather (Mayhem)
The Mayhem match was for the newly created DXX Universe Championship
WrestleMania III March 29th 2009 Washington D.C. Chad Jennings vs. Matt Hardy (Massacre)

Ryland Deathlocke vs. DJ Hipp vs. Santino Marella vs. Cody Lawrence vs. Kevin Kompiler vs. Chris Jericho (Mayhem)

Nero Jones vs. Matt Pearce (DXX Rated)

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