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A photo of Christian Cage
Ring Name(s) Christian Cage
Handler Lewis
Height 6'4
Weight 240lbs
Date of Birth November 30, 1973
Home Town Toronto, ONT
Other E-Feds WWE Champions
Win/loss Record 6-1
Debut 7/6/08
Retired Not yet

Christian Cage also known as Christian, is a Canadian professional wrestler, currently working for DXX on Friday Night Mayhem. He was formerly part of a tag team currently managed by Jose Mourinho with Edge.


Early Life

Born in 1973 in Toronto, most of his life was spent training to be a wrestler in Canada. He caught his break with WWE Champions at the elderly age of 35.


WWE Champions

Signing up for his first job, he impressed the General Manager, Eric Bischoff, with a win over Vyper. Eric Bischoff subsequently put Christian Cage in an Intercontinental Championship match with Edge at Saturday Night's Main Event. He won the WWE Intercontinental Champion after beating Edge after an Unprettier.


After quitting WWE Champions due to the company's financial status of liquidation, Cage joined DXX and launched a crusade against emos, along with Floyd Mayweather and Jose Mourinho! He beat Mark Anthony and Vyper in his first two weeks, before getting to the finals of a US Championship tournament. He faced Josh Impact for the United States Championship at One Night Stand in a rematch from Mayhem. Following this loss, Mourinho and Cage sacked Mayweather and planned a new superstar for their faction.

Edge & Christian Cage

He lost the match but his performance impressed his kayfabe brother, Edge, so much that Edge made a shock return the following week and challenged DJ Hipp & Kenny Dykstra to a Tag Team Championship match.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Unprettier / Impaler
  • Managers
    • Jose Mourinho
    • Floyd Mayweather Jr.
    • Edge
  • Nicknames
    • Captain Charisma
    • The Instant Classic
  • Theme music
    • "My Last Breath" by Evanescance

Championships and Accomplishments

  • WWE Champions
  • WWE Intercontinental Chmapionship x1

Personal Life

His handler is called Lewis. He is 13, from Surrey, and enjoys handling such a versatile chracter.

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