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Welcome to the DXXPedia

The DXXPedia is a fully interactive e-wrestling knowledge base that anyone can contribute to. It was created in March of 2008, and is hosted by Wikia. As of April 2009 it currently consists of 297 articles with more being added at regular intervals.

As an editable website, a wiki, this site is a collaborative attempt from its members to document the past, present and future of everything related to the DXX: The Rebirth website. This includes information on its flagship shows Mayhem and Massacre and the development brand DXX Rated, </tr>
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Superstars, Staff, Divas, Title Histories,, PPV Events and anything
else you can think of that can be written to an acceptable level.

To contribute to the site yourself please contact Assassin on the DXX forum for an account, and don't be afraid to ask for help by visiting the Community Portal or asking a regular contributor for guidance. Further down the page you'll find information on how to create and edit pages, which includes a template, profile assistance, a useful guide to get you started and other help topics which are all constantly updated.

For more information on DXX: The Rebirth itself please visit the DXX information page
or The History of DXX page, and finally for more information of the flagship shows please visit the official sites of Mayhem and Massacre.


We are currently working on 297 articles. To browse the DXX Wiki, visit the Article Page.

New Articles

Eye For An Eye
Hood Tribe 365
The Final Cut
Zero Tolerance
Robert Roode

Featured Article - Abdul Shabazz


After WWE closed OVW and changed the company name to DXX Abdul was called up to the main roster where he currently wrestles for DXX: The Rebirth under his real name. His gimmick has caused lots of controversy as of late. Abdul has considered quitting, but came to terms. Using his 'Bitter Dedicated Muslim' Gimmick he has been a force to be reckoned with, interfering in matches as well as causing heated arguments backstage. Currently he introduced his manager Sharard who also has a similar gimmick...


Recently Featured

Doctor Cube
The Miz
John Morrison
Shad Moss


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