DXX Trans-Continental Championship

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DXX Trans-Continental Championship
Current Holder Ryan Black
Date Won 24th May 2009
(Road To Redemption)
Next Defence Unknown
Promotion DXX
Brand Massacre

The DXX Trans-Continetal Championship is an e-wrestling Championship contested between the Superstars on the Monday Night Massacre brand of D-Generation XX: The Rebirth. It became an active title on the April 4th 2008 edition of Mayhem and is currently held by Ryan Black.


The General Manager of Friday Night Mayhem Carari Grey first announced the introduction of the Trans-Continental Championship immediately after WrestleMania 2, as part of her complete overhaul of the Mayhem brand. At the same time she also introduced two other titles - the DXX Millennium Championship and DXX Universe Tag Team Championships. This brought the total number of titles to four, the three new ones being contested alongside the DXX Universe Championship.

The first Champion was Mike Vengeance. He won the title by defeating Kenny Dykstra, Josh Impact and Shawn Michaels on the April 4th edition of Friday Night Mayhem, and later in the month vacated it. At the Road To Redemption Pay-Per-View event Impact again got a Trans-Continental Title shot, this time wrestling against Judas Mesias for the vacant title. Mesias successfully won a First Blood match by hitting a DDT on Impact through a set of stacked tables.

On the May 2nd edition of Friday Night Mayhem Mike Vengeance had the chance to regain the title he never lost, as Mesias defended for the first time. Vengeance successfully put the champion away, becoming a two-time DXX Trans-Continental Champion. However his reign was even more of a disaster than the first one as he was beaten in his first defence against Danny Stone, who won the title on the May 9th edition of Friday Night Mayhem. On the same show Brett Unknown won the right to be called the number 1 contender for the gold, so Stone's first defence was in a losing effort against him at the Eye For An Eye Pay-Per-View. In an interesting twist his first defence was also in a triple threat match, but this time against different opponents - Immortal Sinners members John Cena and DJ Hipp, the latter of whom won the title causing Unknown to quit DXX. Hipp's first defence was against FleX in a losing effort.

After FleX defeated DJ Hipp on the July 4th episode of Friday Night Mayhem he joined The Immortal Sinners. His first defence was at the Declaration of Retribution Pay-Per-View where he successfully defeated Assassin to retain his title. On the August 8th episode of Friday Night Mayhem a rematch was scheduled, and thanks to a interference from the Black Hearts it was second time unlucky for Flex and Assassin became the new champion. After Assassin quit DXX to pursue other interests a battle royale was scheduled as the opening match of the Facing Extinction Pay-Per-View and the winners Johnny Relentless and Khwame Myles) met Jack Swagger (who won a number one contenders match on the November 14th episode of Mayhem) for the right to be called Champion. The match ended as a draw and the title remained vacant for another month.

At the Crucifixion Pay-Per-View the vacant title was finally decided in a match against Chris Jericho, and after outside interference from both Dagger Dave and a mystery man (later revealed to be Ghost) Myles got the win. However, like many before him Khwame lost the title on his first defence to Johnny Relentless on the January 16th episode of Friday Night Mayhem. His title reign was more successful, retaining the gold in his first defence (with the help of his sister Jenny Relentless) at The Last Stand Pay-Per-View]]. Johnny Relentless was only to lose his championship later that month, losing it to Kevin Kompiler who coming off losing a major championship match and losing the DXX Universe Tag Team championships, was ready and up for it, and destroyed Johnny Relentless, claiming the championship in his hometown of Leeds, England. Kevin Kompiler on the 17th of April 2009 edition of Friday night Mayhem changed the name of the championship to the 'British Heavyweight Championship' although the name is not official and it is still the Transcontinental championship. The Name was dropped after Ryan Black defeated Kevin Kompiler at Road To Redemption

Current Champion

Currently the Trans-Continental Champion is Ryan Black. Black had defeated Kevin Kompiler previous to them meeting at the Road To Redemption pay-per-view, where Black again reigned supreme. The match was made after Ryan inadvertedly helped Dustin Carter win the DXX Universe Championship. On the 8th June, it was announced that in exchange for Mayhem recieving the DXX Intercontinental Championship, Massacrew ould recieve the Trans-Continental Championship.

Championship Timeline

Champion: Defeated: Event: Note: Defenses:
Mike Vengeance Dykstra, HBK & Impact Friday Night Mayhem
(April 4th, 2008)
• It was a Steel Cage match • 0
Judas Mesias Josh Impact Road To Redemption
(April 27th, 2008)
• It was a First Blood Match • 1
Mike Vengeance 2 Judas Mesias Friday Night Mayhem
(May 2nd, 2008)
• It ended in record time • 1
Danny Stone Mike Vengeance Friday Night Mayhem
(May 9th, 2008)
• None • 1
Brett Unknown Danny Stone / FleX Eye For An Eye
(May 25th, 2008)
• The match was a triple threat • 1
DJ Hipp Brett Unknown / John Cena Friday Night Mayhem
(June 6th, 2008)
• The match was a triple threat • 1
FleX DJ Hipp Friday Night Mayhem
(July 4th, 2008)
• None • 2
Assassin FleX Friday Night Mayhem
(August 8th, 2008)
• None • 0
Khwame Myles Chris Jericho Crucifixion
(December 28th, 2008)
• Title was vacant • 1
Johnny Relentless Khwame Myles Friday Night Mayhem
(January 16th, 2009)
• None • 2
Kevin Kompiler Johnny Relentless Friday Night Mayhem
(January 30th, 2009)
• Won in his hometown • 4
Ryan Black Kevin Kompiler Road To Redemption
(May 24th 2009)
• Won in Belfast, Ireland • 0

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